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Oh, right

Oti Mabuse: ‘You don’t see young curvy women on TV’

Oh, right. Right you are.

14 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. Brewers, lingerie and sportswear manufacturers and the incoherent leader of the free world all appear to prefer flat chested men in frocks.

    Someone’s got it wrong.

  2. Ironman- Ha yep that’s the one. The only reason i know who she is. Bloke down pub referred to her as a “big girl” which his speak for the phenotype you mention.

  3. I was assuming “curvy” is newspeak for “land whale” so didn’t click through for pics

  4. BiW,

    No. Oti Mabuse is a dancer, so in pretty good shape. “Curvy” as in you’d happily die from suffocation between her funbags.

  5. Ironman. Yes indeed. I’m familiar with her from the Ceebeebies programme ‘Oti’s Boogie Babies’ a title that gets mangled in my head as ‘Oti’s Boogie Boobies’

  6. If that lady and her rather nice figure is on telly then it aint a bad thing. I certainly prefer curvy ladies over stick insects who could be mistaken for skinny blokes. I suspect I’m not alone either.

  7. Makosi of Big Brother fame springs to mind.
    I think it was probably policy for BB to have one of bounteous assets in every series.

  8. Bongo reminded me of this Daily Mash article (from back when it was good).

    “Big Brother has given us some of the most enduring figures in contemporary popular culture. Who could forget characters like … The One Who’s One of The Ones With The Massive Tits?

  9. Interesting links you’ve got there to illustrate “young, curvy women”. The first gives me Sydney Sweeney. She’s a UK size 10, so quite slim compared to the UK average of 16. The second shows me Christina Hendricks, who may be young to you but was born in 1975, so is 47 and probably not what the 32 year old Oti would consider young. Seem like you’ve provided evidence to support Oti, despite the headline suggesting you disagree.

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