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Ooooh, aye?

SNP latest news: Treasurer Colin Beattie arrested

Wasn’t ‘Tater trying to advise them? On he subject of money?

Were they listening to him on accounting as well?

6 thoughts on “Ooooh, aye?”

  1. Please Plod, look for the ferries. That’s the trail to follow. The other stuff was just pocket money for some fripperies. Perhaps Aunty will send it Watchdog?
    No. perhaps not…

  2. And after the ferries the Gupta deals, a wee swatch into the AS malicious prosecution wouldnae go amiss either

  3. Wasn’t ‘Tater trying to advise them?

    Interesting possible line of defence: “We were just doing what Professor Murphy advised.”

    Well, it would make me laugh.

  4. The absolute meltdown on Wings is a joy to behold

    Of course it’s a huge conspiracy by the Eeeeengleeeesh, with MI5 operatives undermining the people’s party on its enduring quest for FREEDOM!

    Given that the SNP has studiously avoided making any preparations for independence for over 8 years the whole edifice is clearly one huge morass of nepotism, jobs for the boys, incompetence and fund skimming that would disgrace a Ponzi scheme

    So bad even McPlod has started investigating, even though it has been clear that the whole kleptocracy has been undermining all the checks and balances one would expect of an independent government in waiting

    Given just a few stones have been lifted so far there is far more to discover if a proper investigation is conducted

    Makes Westminster look like a beacon of probity and selfless public service

  5. Looks like they have found their scapegoat, the calls to move on from this will start shortly and the real culprits will slink away without charge

  6. “Police discover huge cache of Tunnocks at Sturgeons’ house. Street value estimate ‘in the millions’.”

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