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Other ways of doing this too

Rishi Sunak is set to rewrite equality law to protect women by making it easier to bar trans people from female sports and single-sex spaces.

On Tuesday, it emerged that the Government had asked the equalities watchdog for advice on changing the wording of the Equality Act to specify that it protects “biological sex” rather than “sex”.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) recommended that such a change would “bring legal clarity” in eight areas, including sports and single-sex areas.

Just define one as gender – hey, whatever you want! – and the other as sex.

2 thoughts on “Other ways of doing this too”

  1. To legitimise the term “biological sex” is to admit that “sex” has some other meaning. If we’re clarifying the law, we should specify “sex” as governed by chromosomes – not that we didn’t know that anyway.

  2. The activists always say “Gender doesn’t exist, it’s only a social construct,” so why even acknowledge it? Only acknowledge sex.

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