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The White House is trying to interfere with a criminal investigation into the tax affairs of President Biden’s son, according to a whistleblower.

An unnamed official at the Internal Revenue Service has asked congressional leaders for immunity if he testifies on Capitol Hill about the inquiry into Hunter Biden’s tax arrangements.

No, say it ain’t so, Brandon!

13 thoughts on “Rilly?”

  1. Well of course he is, and of course nothing will be done about it, because the US is a banana republic now. Or rather that it now operates under the control of one side of the political divide at all times, regardless of who the US electorate vote for. It is a dictatorship, because it is impossible to vote out those who actually control things. The Uk is similar, though possibly not quite so far down the road as the US, but thats where we are headed.

  2. Not sure about that Jim, as the US still has strong states within the Federation. Florida and Texas able to thwart the blob, and offer an alternative.

    Meanwhile in the EU, the most important German politician is Ursula von Undergarments. How did that happen? What odds would you have got on that 5 years ago?

  3. Jim, I think Raab’s removal puts the UK further down that road. Not that I liked Raab, but removing a Minister to protect the civil service from criticism (even if harsh criticism) is the wrong approach.

  4. I think Raab’s removal puts the UK further down that road.

    Yes. I came to the same conclusion when I saw the headline this morning. If the Deep State (which is what the Civil Service is) can remove a Minister for the crime of having standards and enforcing them then it is no longer the elected politicians that are in charge, but the unelected officials.

    They tried the same bullshit with Priti Patel when she was at the Home Office.

  5. RichardT/John Galt

    Snap – for all its red walls and blue walls, the UK is run by the unelected and the Raab removal makes this just that little bit clearer.

  6. “Not that I liked Raab, but removing a Minister to protect the civil service from criticism (even if harsh criticism) is the wrong approach.”

    This bit of the report was illuminating:

    ” and also insulting, in the sense of making unconstructive critical comments about the quality of work done (whether or not as a matter of substance any criticism was justified).””

    So producing utterly shit work is not now grounds for criticism in the civil service. Someone can produce the biggest pile of turds imaginable and all you are supposed to say is ‘Thank you’?

  7. More interesting is the House committee that has Hunter’s suspicious transaction financial reports. This shows where the Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian money went. It has already unearthed half a dozen other Biden family beneficiaries.

    Follow the money.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ I think Raab’s removal puts the UK further down that road.”

    The way the BBC News had at least the first 10 minutes on this subject was embarrassing and shows their true priorities.

  9. I am hoping that the Prime Minister’s investigation into woke, frail civil servants leads to a simple rule that if a civil servant feels he/she/it/they are feeling bullied, they are to resign immediately. Those who feel bullied and do not resign will be fired and their pension rights removed for unprofessional conduct.

    Similarly, those who do not perform work to the Minister’s quality demands will be fired.

    Plus, the PM should then re-appoint Raab.

  10. On similar note I see Alec Baldwin has had all charges dropped against him for shooting a woman dead on his film set. So if you’re a famous democrat supporting filmstar, shooting people dead on camera is perfectly acceptable behaviour in 2020s USA. On the other hand if you’re a frail 80 year old man facing a young black man entering your house without your permission and you shoot him then thats murder 1 and the rest of your life in jail.

    Come on Dennis, its time to face it, your country is f*cked. Welcome to Wogsville!

  11. This sort of thing goes back a long way. Civil servants can not be criticised, much like nurses – watch any Question Time and an obvious bureaucratic cock up is blamed on the govt as a whole.

    When I worked for a short period for the Ministry of Death in the mid 1980s,there were golden rules that a civil servant a) did not give out his name b) took no shit fron the military.
    I once had an irate colonel call me and I had to telephonically shrug my shoulders as there was nothing I could do.
    “You a civvy ?”
    “Yes colonel.”
    “Pass me onto a soldier.”
    Hand phone to L/Cpl Farnsbarns of RAFR who sits to attention, goes white, takes copious notes then puts phone down and shrugs. He then got up went to see the Sqn Ldr in his glass office and was bollocked again. Eventually he and Sqn Ldr toured the desks to reverse the workflow that had caused the cock up in the first place.

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