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Savour the wording here

There’s a reason people fly to see Fleischman. She provides abortions through manual uterine aspiration – using a small, hand-held device to remove pregnancy tissue. The device is gentle enough that the tissue often comes out almost completely intact.

Completely intact pregnancy tissue”.

7 thoughts on “Savour the wording here”

  1. Fleischman was in her 30s, living in New York and already trained as a family practice doctor, when she saw an advertisement offering to teach doctors how to do surgical abortions.

    “I realized that after all these years in training, I’d never got to even see an abortion. I had saved lives, helped people at the height of the Aids crisis. I had delivered babies. These are things a family doctor does,” she says. “I was like, ‘why? That’s ridiculous.’ That’s where the passion started.”


  2. No, Steve… The satanic bit is that in a “first-world” country abortion is still considered a basic procedure to “prevent” pregnancy..

  3. “pregnancy tissue” – I am not absolutist on the issue of abortion; it is an extremely difficult question and there are, IMO, no simple answers. But one thing we must insist on is treating all involved with respect. Referring to an unborn human as “pregnancy tissue” is grotesque and simply cannot be allowed. Or should we start to refer to our opponents as, say, “tuberous tissue”?

  4. “Pregnancy tissue”.

    I thought the approved term these days was parasite as in “the removal of a parasite from the woman’s body”.

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