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Seems like a long time to keep a gusset damp

Scientists are making a provocative case in a new paper out this month: Sex in space is going to happen sooner rather than later, and it’s about time people started preparing for it. They contend that space sex could happen even within the next decade.

Get braced now Sheila, it could happen within a decade?

27 thoughts on “Seems like a long time to keep a gusset damp”

  1. By that I think they mean sex involving more than one human. AFAIK there have been no goats or ducks sent to space.

  2. I have never seen a female astronaut I would space-shag. They mostly look autistic.

    Otoh, Jadzia Dax from DS9 is getting it, as soon as I figure out how to build a warp drive.

  3. Imagine the NASA tours of the ISS…

    “Now, when you’re performing the ol’ in-and-out up here, the pussy sucks everything in like a vacuum to prevent any of our control panels from getting damaged and malfunctioning. Another interesting tidbit, we have to keep our genitalia pixelated at all times, just in case someone from the Japanese module walks in.”

  4. “Scientists” who ain’t getting any on earth fantasise about “Space Babes from Outer Space”.

  5. NASA is pretty strict about that sort of thing, being WASPy prudes and all that, but NASA’s death grip on the International Space Station business will be coming to an end in the not-too-distant-future.

    The Axiom Space Station will be going up as soon as Elon can control his bottle rocket Starship and that being privately controlled rather than NASA controlled allows for a bit more freedom (theoretically).

    Alternately, if Bigelow Space ever get their inflatable space hotel up and running…

  6. They’ve had mixed missions before. I’d assumed someone had already tried it…

    Nah, NASA has been gay since they wouldn’t allow Chuck Yeager into space because the legendary pilot didn’t have a college degree.

    It’s one of the top 5 worst organisations started by Nazis, easily.

  7. Most of the monkeys they sent into space in the 1950s and 60s died, I believe, so they should at least be safe from monkeypox.

  8. Steve, unfortunately a foretaste of the present. Chuck (ho ho) out someone with an outstanding record of excellence, more than capable of doing what would be required and who had the ‘right stuff’ in favour of a ‘grad’.

    Ten or so years ago they stipulated you needed a degree to become a plod, teacher or NHS operative, and lo and behold, we now have a shortage of plod (or those that are there are apparently ‘sub standard’ (after looking at some of their antics during the covid terror or some vids on YouTube, I was tempted to put sub human…..)), a shortage of teachers and a shortage of NHS operatives.

  9. I think the wing nut position might be popular in microgravity.

    Not without a gallon of lube it ain’t.

    The other thing that the ISS taught us (or more specifically the MiR space station) is that smells tend to hang around quite a bit. Not like you can open a window and let the stank out.

  10. ‘They’ve had mixed missions before. I’d assumed someone had already tried it…’

    Me too, Rational Anarchist.

  11. Sex might not have happened yet. That we know about. But I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t masturbated on the ISS by now.

  12. “Scientists Say We Need to Be Ready”: aye, in the Natural Philosophy lecture theatres we discussed little else. But then we were eighteen.

    Field Theory: the sources of coarse humour were endless. Vector multiplication; the right hand screw rule; Grad, Div and Curl; Hamilton’s Principle of Action, …

    Strangely I don’t remember any mention of Fick’s law but the lab did feature Kundt’s tube.

  13. Addolff – Chuck Yeager had Big American Dick energy and the virgin Kraut nerds running the space program never forgave him for it.

    If he’d been selected as one of the Mercury Seven, you’d better damn believe there’d be loads of beautiful pregnant women in space by now.

    And he’d have shot down another Me-262, just because.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Grad, Div and Curl”

    Thanks dearime, I’ll now be having the old recurring nightmare for the next 6 weeks or so.

  15. First thought is certainly some novel forms of light bondage to prevent the couple from becoming a tangled bouncyball careening off the walls…

    The combination of microgravity and a distinct lack of air friction makes for a guaranteed bruisefest if things get heated.
    Double the fun if she’s a squirter…

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