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Ms Ribiero-Addy asked: “Will he do what Bernie Grant asked all those years ago, what I have asked, and what countless others have asked since, and offer a full and meaningful apology for our country’s role in slavery and colonialism, and commit to reparatory justice?”


Long answer

Fuck no.

8 thoughts on “Short answer”

  1. Enormously Fat Black Woman Opens Mouth, Demands Wypipo Shovel More Free Food Into It (cont. on page 5)

  2. I believe I may have caught that whilst flicking through the channels on the TV (on a Sunday in Millwaukee…..) yesterday.

    As mentioned in this video, there were around 3,700 free black men who owned over 12,000 slaves in the US. So, let’s ask their descendants for some cash shall we?

    Or the black descendants of the vast majority of slave owners in Africa? I mean, they captured, tortured, raped, owned the slaves before the white people owned the slaves. Why is it only white people who have to say sorry and give cash?

  3. “commit to reparatory justice”

    Wouldn’t complete reparatory justice mean sending them all back to Africa?

  4. Spending half the navy budget spilling blood and treasure for 100 years stamping out the African slave trade, liberating slaves, giving them free land and citizenship, wasn’t enough?

  5. I’ve just made the mistake of reading her Twitter page. Amongst all the other bollox, she’s celebrating the new Mayor of Lambeth a guy called Onion Bhaji. He’s only a wee chap. I’ve known loads of Indian guys down the years and they weren’t midgets. Is there some sort of height restriction for SubContinental politicians ?

  6. She reminded Mr Sunak that the late Labour MP Bernie Grant had founded the reparations movement in the UK, and that “in his last Prime Minister’s Questions before his death he asked for an apology to the people of African descent living and dead for our country’s role in slavery and colonialism”.

    I am finding it impossible to read that sub paragraph without genuinely laughing out loud – just a shame Sunak didn’t have a Boris like riposte to the effect that the very fact it had been a passion of Bernie Grant is the very reason we shouldn’t touch it with barge pole

  7. Why is it only white people who have to say sorry and give cash?

    Because it was only white people who brought the whole ghastly slavery saga to an end.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  8. Sunak should apologise imv. He should promise that the UK won’t do slavery or colonialism again.
    I think that Ribeiro-Addy would not be satisfied though.

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