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Silly Billy

But the revolt against environmental collapse is a revolt against the entire system. To prevent the destruction of the habitable planet, every aspect of our economic lives has to change.

Got that entirely the wrong way around. Those who would change every aspect of our economic lives are using environmental collapse as the excuse.

12 thoughts on “Silly Billy”

  1. They’ve also got it wrong, in that the more state direction of the economy, the greater the environmental damage seems to be. Environmentalism is the hobby of the prosperous.

  2. ‘Observational and experimental evidence suggests the threshold is roughly 25% of the population.’

    So if only one quarter of the population agrees, they can force it down the throats of the rest. I see what Monbiot thinks of democracy.

  3. Bogan, studying how a certain demographic have forced their beliefs onto the peoples of the countries they have migrated to invaded over the last 1400 years, I seem to recall reading that, excusing their normal MO of cutting off the heads of those who choose not to submit, there is a threshold of 28%, whereby that is a big enough minority to effect ‘democratic’ change.

    1. Migrate.
    2. Populate.
    3. Agitate (for their ‘rights’).
    4. Populate some more.
    5. Dominate.

    It appears to be the same no matter what cult the nutters are trying to push onto the rest of us.

  4. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    The old adage, that there are two types of environmentalist. Water melons, green on the outside and red underneath, and tomatoes, who start out green but soon turn red.

    However, let us not confuse there people with the spoilt middle class narcissistic shits that sit in the road. They are just spoilt middle class narcissistic shits.

    STV are repeating the soap Brookside from the very beginning on their STV player. Presently, we are in 1982/3. There is a character called Lucy, 16 year old daughter of an upper middle class family who have fallen on hard times. Spoilt and petulant, initially bitter that she has been yanked out of private school she gets in with CND, and refuses to study for her O levels because “there’s no point, we are all going to die”.

    Nothings new.

  5. This is really all a fantasy because the loudest people about “eco” out there are either middle class MILFs with the carbon footprint of an African village, or people whose ridiculous B Ark job depends on a prosperous economy that barely notices the dent from the costs of it.

    You want to role the economy back to the 1950s? Fine. That’s going to mean about 80% of people in higher education being made redundant, school ending at 16, public health virtually disappearing, the diversity industry scrapped. Women will disappear from the workplace because how are you going to get to work and to Aldi without your car? And we can’t have all that clothing coming from Bangladesh, so brush up on your darning, ladies. And wine? Carbon footprint. It’s ale or Babycham. Enjoy. Also, you can cut that feminism, because you’re going to need to put on a nice dress and some lippy to get a husband to support you. I’m sure the women reading the Guardian will love that.

    The people who would do fine in Monbiot’s eco world would not be Monbiot’s people. They’d be the people who could do something useful – the Deanos. People who can build roads, fix plumbing, go and do a day’s labour.

  6. “I understand the argument that our escalating climate crisis justifies direct action, but I can’t urge anyone to do things I wouldn’t do myself”

    Shut up, then, George. Because if you really believed that we were facing the end of all tolerable life and all human culture, you’d take up arms against the Chinese state, or run naked and wailing in the streets.

    All I see you doing, George, is a churnalism and writing job.

  7. I struggle to engage. You can only play the team in front of you – and having spent my teenage years skulking around Rhineland forests with a 105mm howitzer waiting on the Soviet forces to arrive I’m pretty relaxed about the world ending 50 years from now. My only regret, should that happen, is that I won’t be around to witness the event. If the millennials et al. want to live like extras in Cadfael then good luck to ’em. My lot choose to party till the end.

  8. @ BoM4
    I can actually remember the 1950s, so while your general point is valid – (i) school ended at 15 for many of my friends, (ii) women did comprise part of the workforce as they worked from leaving school until they got married (middle class)/got married and had children (working class) – also there were a lot of “war widows” and they couldn’t live on the 10s per week (iii) most people got to work by bus or on their bicycle (ICI Billingham not only had a senior staff section of its car park but also a senior staff cycle rack).
    Also anyone called “Tarquin” or “Jolyon” would be a laughing stock

  9. I do agree jolyon. I have no problem at all with them living in poverty. It’s the fact that they want me to do it that pisses me off.

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