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So, as you wish but as I say so too

Parents can raise their children as they wish, but smacking them must be taboo
Sonia Sodha

Of course absolutely everyone does say the same thing. You can raise your children as you wish but not torture them to death, or cut their little knackers off, or smack them for being naughty.

It’s just certain prodnoses expand the net of what of their prejudices you must accord to slightly wider than others.

11 thoughts on “So, as you wish but as I say so too”

  1. To be perfectly honest, and speaking from experience, smacking the ginger ones is a complete waste of time.

  2. @ Steve It’s a foul rumor, nothing more, but I hear Mr & Mrs Markle quite enjoy it. No doubt inherited from their parents, but nobody can be quite sure. It’s a wise man who knows his father…

  3. G – lol

    Asia – but he’s the spit of his Dad, the King. Don’t look at the hair – look at the physiognomy.

    Harry isn’t a bastard, he’s just a prick.

  4. I agree that smacking is not a good thing, but if it were made illegal, it would be enacted against the most inadequte parents. How is that going to help their haless children?

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    So the warning from parents will change from “If you continue like that you’ll get a good hiding” to “If you continue like that we’ll cut your knackers off”.

  6. “This is why Scotland and Wales have joined more than 60 countries in banning it altogether.”

    I heard that Scotland is having trouble eliminating the smack.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    Cutting the knackers off is legal and socially acceptable, deadnaming is a more heinous crime than smacking or being an Asian sex grooming gang member.

  8. “More likely: “If you continue like that we’ll deadname you”.”

    That’s definitely not allowed

    A father was told by the judge in a court case where he was trying to slow down/stop trans medical treatment that using the wrong pronouns was considered an act of abuse and if he kept doing it he would face charges including contempt of court

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