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That bloke on the Bud Light cans

The controversy appears to have impacted sales, with Bud Light cases down 10.7% for the week ended April 8, according to Beer Business Daily.

The marketing bird is now on “leave of absence”.

Spotter, BonM4

24 thoughts on “That bloke on the Bud Light cans”

  1. “Progressives” are now in favour of unlimited quasi-governmental power being transferred to vast, multinational woke corporations and their increasingly obnoxious “brands”.

    This isn’t how Naomi Klein thought things would go when she wrote No Logo.

  2. That classic meme cartoon.
    Bod 1 :”Are you sure this is going to sell more beer?”
    Bod 2 : “Beer?”

  3. . . . Bud Light cases down 10.7% . . .

    Is that all? It was probably worth it then from a general long term publicity angle, given that it’ll mostly be forgotten in six months.

  4. PJF – Idk, did Gillette ever recover?

    Not that it matters (they don’t do these things to boost sales), but losing 10% of sales in the short term while undermining long term customer identification with your products isn’t a good business strategy.

    And the market for wokeshit is a crowded one.

  5. Steve,

    “PJF – Idk, did Gillette ever recover?”

    I’m sure there’s a proper business term for it, but it’s the problem that once people have switched and found a rival and it does the same job or better, that’s now their regular product, especially if there’s little to choose between them. And lower strength lager is much of a muchness in the same way that blended whisky, gin and vodka are. No-one cares if they have to buy Carlsberg because Sainsbury’s have stopped selling Carling.

  6. BoM4 – yarp. PJF shows their share price is holding up well, but I don’t think they’ll ever get back the $350m in sales they lost in the first 6 months after insulting their own customers.

    The man-bashing and tranny ads they paid for in 2019 did so well they’ve quietly walked them back, never repeated them, and would prefer you didn’t remember them now.

  7. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    Give it a month or so and there will be a quiet announcement that she’s resigned in order to explore other opportunities. Or something.

    Will Bud Light fully recover? I suspect not. All light beers, irrespective of brand, are watery nothingburgers. You can get the same shitty taste from half a dozen other brands.

    But beyond that – and this is the important part – this fiasco has cost Bud Light’s distributors, retailers and bars/restaurants money. They have Bud Light sitting around waiting to be sold. They’ve been burned, and it will be a while before they order Bud Light, or any other AB products with any enthusiasm. The distributors will be pitching other brands to their customers, and that’s a bigger problem than a lot of people imagine.

  8. Interestingly, Canadian woke brand ” La Maison Simons” recently put out an advert celebrating homicide-by-doctor, which is a perfectly normal thing for a women’s fashion company to do:

    You may be shocked to hear that, unlike every other ad you’ve seen this century, there wasn’t a single black or brown face in Simons’ “kill yourself, lol” ad.

    Weird, huh?

  9. The Babylon Bee’s headless summed it up perfectly:

    ‘Beverage Pretending To Be Beer Features Man Pretending To Be Woman’

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Humans are creatures of habit, break the habit and they don’t always go back.

    The guy who picks up a crate of Bud Light every Friday in a fit of protest decides to pick something else up and now that is the habit because as said above there really isn’t much between the various products in that space. It will take a lot of marketing effort to get him back.

    The real Bud Light fans will feel betrayed and they’ll be even harder to get back.

    So it’s not just the cost of lost sales that they need to think about, but the cost of trying to recover.

  11. Dennis, Clear-Eyed As Always

    Another problem for Bud Light: Once they’ve lost shelf space at the retail level, it’s going to take a lot of work to get it back. And as shelf space contracts, so will the amount of Bud Light distributors will keep in inventory. Beverage companies fight tooth and nail to get shelf space in grocery stores and beer & wine stores, Bud Light has just given up a ton of that space to the competition.

  12. I don’t know what PJF’s chart shows: Gillette hasn’t had an exchange listing since 2005, when it merged with Procter & Gamble. To the best of my ability, I don’t buy either company’s products (Harry’s, not Gillette; Philips, not Braun; Colgate, not Crest) not that they likely notice.

  13. I’ve just had a look at the BBC news, and the headline is that a man who dressed as a woman has just died. They’ve just covered the funeral of another man who dressed as a woman, after a whole week of memories and facts about him. Wonderful, wonderful people.

    I didn’t expect the world to stop changing as I got older, of course, but who could predict this sort of thing?

  14. Applause for the Bee!

    I googled the 10 biggest selling beers in the world. They’re all the same sort of largely tasteless guff. That said, I don’t mind a very cold Tsingtao (no.3) on a very hot day.

    The biggest seller is a Chinese beer called Snow, which I’ve never tried but apparently tastes like Bud Light.

  15. I always though Les Patterson was funnier.

    Humphries (IIRC) once did a double on Parkinson, Dame Edna, then Sir Les. When he came on as Sir Les he’d covered his hand in some disgusting goo. Shook hands with Parkie (horrified reaction) & apologised “oh, that’s for the skin infection”.

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