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The Guardian and numbers

Introduction: Almost 80% of employers pay men more than women, UK data shows – business live
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Nearly two-fifths of UK employers pay men more than women, on average – showing a worsening picture since companies were first forced to report on their gender pay gap six years ago, despite a push for more equality.

A Financial Times analysis of this year’s data shows that 79.5% of employers paid their male staff more than their female colleagues, higher than the figures last year and six years ago.

People who don’t know the difference between two-fifths and four-fifths are just the people to explain averages to us, aren’t they?

6 thoughts on “The Guardian and numbers”

  1. Nearly two-fifths of UK employers pay men more than women,…
    No company could claim to pay men and women EXACTLY the same, so three fifths of employers pay women more than men.
    Sounds unlikely to me, what with maternity leave and all.

  2. 80% of people (maybe) understand basic arithmetic. Nobody understands (the whole of) mathematics.

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