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The usual problem

I developed this understanding independently,

He just never does grasp that other clever people who have looked at the same thing might have discovered something interesting about it. Even, found the problems with his first round from the basics musings.

8 thoughts on “The usual problem”

  1. There’s a few things I worked out from first principles, and thought “this must have been thought of before”, and on researching found it had, and often found useful optimisations and improvements for what I’ve done. The working from first principles will give you an understanding of what you’re doing instead of cut’n’pasta from something else.

    I think my first “invention” was date-to-day-of-week. After some bodging and testing I got a really neat function based on 400 years = exactly 7*N days, and I thought surely I can’t have created this, this must be a standard formula. Back in 1990 I didn’t have the huge wide access to shared information we have today, so I had no way to check. I just verified my code by running all 32*12*400 possible dates through it. A couple of decades later I was able to verify it against known methods, and mine was exactly the same, other than leaving all the range reduction to the final MOD 7 as I was using 32-bit ints.

  2. This post reminds me of a North Korean delegation at an internet conference who were extremely proud of the app they had developed independently, who were chastened when a European researcher pulled out their smartphone to reveal a far more sophisticated app. However, for Murphy he is pathologically incapable of recognising anyone as being more knowledgeable than him. Anyone doubting this should read the post on ‘Funding the future’ entitled ‘The problem with Warren Mosler..’ it’s genuinely painful to see someone so out of his depth at the age of 60.

  3. More disturbing was his truly appalling post on ‘Food poverty’ – as he supported all the causes of inflation, his complaining about it sticks in the craw

    – The Ukraine War
    – Net Zero
    – COVID lockdowns
    – Unlimited migration to the UK
    – support for the the non-productive public sector (which has 6 million people doing jobs which are either not contributing to GDP or actively reducing it)
    – Quantitative easing
    – advocating retention of close links with the EU

  4. The Incan priestly cast used to take newborn babies and raise them in a cave so that when, at 10 or 11, they allowed them out into the real world, it seemed that they were discovering a new world that had never been discovered by anyone else…

  5. What food poverty? I’ve gone from spending 145p on a Warburton’s loaf to 39p on an Asda loaf. Minus 75% inflation!

  6. How it works in Spudworld

    What is MMT?
    I understand all there is to know about MMT
    MMT is wrong – this is real MMT, my MMT
    I invented MMT

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