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As for the women in “Love Trip: Paris,” they were all exhausted with casual dating in the United States.
“They felt like by going to a different country, suitors are more serious, or there’s more intention behind their actions,” Ms. House said. It’s a sentiment that is shared by many American women who have had disappointing dating experiences in the states and feel that moving to a different country might help them open up to the idea of love again.

If you treat men like shit then they’re not going to turn out well. But a society that still treats men as men, women as women, might be better place to go dating.


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  1. Older ladies probably think they are going to get a much younger guy who is president.

    In fact, going to Paris is more likely to involve Muslim ejaculation on your expensive jeans on the crowded metro. And he’s unlikely to buy you flowers afterwards.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    This is about serial shagees finding that in other countries men don’t always recognise them for what they are straight away.

  3. Men will start waiting longer to get married, and they’ll end up with 25-year-olds when they themselves are 40 or older. This will ensure that men are able to get their act together after they quit the video games and become skilled and mature enough to make something of their lives.

    Some women have already started the trend of liking “dad bods,” and feminist concepts like “ethical non-monogamy” with the younger guys are losing traction.

    In NYC and most major American cities, there are mountains of women in their late 30s to mid 40s who still haven’t settled down, but they have a dog, a demanding career as VP of some kind of coordinating position, and it’s a dealbreaker if you voted different or use the C-word while drinking with your buddies. So this lot will unfortunately go without marriage, unless they want to be one of those 50-year-old couples who buy an RV and go motor boating in Arizona all year. Either that, or they’ll spend the rest of their life attending snooty art shows and flirting at the bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. There are childless women in my own family with those lifestyles.

    The only bad news for guys is, it’ll be frustrating trying to see eye to eye with women who don’t even know what a Walkman is.

  4. As for the women in “Love Trip: Paris,” they were all exhausted with casual dating in the United States.

    Sounds like the opening lines from a Tim Newman article.

  5. “ She traveled to 25 cities in 15 countries in three months.”
    Sounds like she travels just like she “dates”. Never satisfied, always moving to the next thing.

    I only skimmed the article. I didn’t waste my life with that rubbish.

  6. ““I really don’t know that I’ve ever been treated better,” she said about one man she dated in Vienna, who was equally interested as she was in planning thoughtful dates. “If somebody that I met two days ago can treat me this well, I should focus on building relationships with people who are intentional and want to do the same.””

    So why isn’t she still dating him?

    The conclusion I arrived at a few years ago is that most people who succeed at marriage are realistic about their options. If you can’t find someone in a city of 500,000 people like Atlanta, you’re the problem.

  7. Sounds very much like pedophiles that move around to different areas where they are not know to find fresh victims.

    As it is the same person eventually the locals, wherever they go, will speak to them and quickly cotton on that they will be OK for a quickie and nothing else.

    They have listened to the wrong people and it is now too late to change.

  8. Many women try to ‘marry up’ – so if you already think you are a princess then suitable men are going to be in short supply.

  9. Well, MeGain Markel married a Prince and look how badly that turned out. She wrote in her diary “Note to self. Next time marry a King.”.

    But there you go, that’s starter marriages for you. Turning your Prince Charming into a Frog.

    For Ms. Margo, a Black woman who attended predominantly white institutions throughout her school years, she felt ignored in the United States, as if she “was not an option,” she said. In Paris she felt seen.

    Probably because back home the male population is well aware of how abhorrently awful entitled African-American / Mixed race women can be compared to the “European” equivalents. That she keeps searching ever further without permanent attachment speaks volumes.

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