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This is a testable proposition

‘When people can talk about sex, they flourish’: the rise of sexual wellness
Advice on sex is available on myriad apps, sex toys are for sale on the high street, and the science of sexual fufilment is blossoming. Will this focus on sexual wellbeing have the desired effect?

Folk talk much more about sex now than they used to. The young talk about it much more than the older.

Are we all happier now? Are the young happier about sex than the more mature?

Hmm, not entirely and wholly obvious that the proposition stands now, is it?

9 thoughts on “This is a testable proposition”

  1. This looks like one of Tim’s subsitution effects. Everybody’s talking about it, nobody’s doing it.

    After decades of being told that women like sex just as much as men, from the meeja I have to conclude that’s a lie, as from observing the media it’s clear that women put up with sex just long enough to get a babbie, then permenently kick any men out of their life.

  2. Talking of which, just saw a Les Patterson(RIP ) joke.

    “I’ve known Joan Collins for years. Lovely lady. Very interested in perfumes, but likes to put that special something behind her ears – her ankles.”

  3. Like a lot of media outlets, the Guardian loves to talk about sex. It’s a way of generating clicks without showing or describing the real thing. That would be insensitive and coarse, and would attract the ire of those feminists who don’t like it.

    That picture or cartoon drawing of a couple’s (sometimes, daringly, more than a couple’s) feet, viewed from the foot of the bed. That pretty much sums up the whole game. Keep everyone dithering on the edge of a little sexual daydream, while pretending to be political and socially concerned.

  4. If I was to take the Guardian article seriously, I’d have to say that women enjoy talking about sex, not doing it. But then again the girls tend to like talking about everything!

  5. The Telegraph reports on the spat between everyone’s favourite Joy Lion and J K Rowling. The Sunday Times review of his book out on Thursday (bet you can’t wait!) is also an excellent laugh with a first class punchline:
    “Maugham is a first-time author who should not be encouraged to reoffend ever again”.

  6. I can imagine having sex according to all the Rules the Guardian likes to attach to it ( up to and including consent forms and all that guff ) would put anyone but the most determined off..

    With Spring doing its yearly Thing, I can’t but help noticing a lot of Youf (and people of more advanced age and maturity) totally ignoring the Guardian’s Guide To Proper, Consensual, And Inclusive Physical Relations and go about at least the preparatory stages in public without any plan or Ritual of Consent at all.
    Think of the Children! And all that cis-hetero canoodling must be offensive to at least some of the Rainbow Confederation!! The Horror!!

    Purely anacdatal, of course, but I suspect most people use any Guardian advice on the subject only in the right and proper place for it: As firelighter for the first BBQ weather allows.

  7. Grikath: Don’t worry, there’ll soon be a parade of people proudly celebrating their desire to have sex with each other.

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