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What happens when a Black enclave is built by Big Oil
A century after the oil industry attracted Black families to Beaumont, Texas, residents are left battling a climate, housing, and health crisis.

Note what they’re saying. The refinery was built first, folk moved to live near it.

Oil helped attract Black residents to the city in the early 20th century, ushering in a new level of economic stability, but now it’s left a majority-Black community captured under its reign.

She’s been scared of the refinery since her family first moved to her home when she was just three years old.

Wacist, innit?

11 thoughts on “Tossers”

  1. As near as I can tell from reading most of the article, the blacks went there, were betrayed by the whites since they took most of the white jobs, and then betrayed again because the whites had to leave and thus got away. They’ve also been betrayed by the oil company which has bought some of their houses and betrayed by the oil company because it didn’t buy some of their houses.

    Basically everything is evil and it’s all the fault of the white owned oil refinery that provides the employment.

  2. And since 2010, the plant has been responsible for 70 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, roughly the equivalent of the total emissions of 2 million Americans over that same time.

    So each human is responsible for 35 tons of greenhouse gas emissions since 2010 or nearly 3 tons per year.

    Can someone please explain how that is possible? I know what a ton of metal looks like (I’ve been driving small cars for long enough) and I’m old enough to remember a ton of coal but what does a ton of greenhouse gas emissions look like and how is it measured or weighed.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Completely OT

    I’ve no idea how we got on to it but some years ago we had a discussion on spy books and someone recommended Slow Horses and I really enjoyed them.

    We’ve just watched the Apple TV series on the first book and much to my surprise I really enjoyed it, well made and they didn’t bugger about with it to make it more accessible.

    I can recommend both.

  4. @John
    It’d surprise you how much CO2 you exhale by simply being alive, even worse if you do something nasty as go to the Gym or do actual physical labour.
    Then there’s the CO2 from producing all the stuff you use, and electricity and….
    The lot spouting that nonsense are good at adding up when it suits them.

    They’re a lot less good at subtracting, though…
    The trick is, of course, to never ever mention that the bulk of the CO2 from that refinery never even makes it to the US border, except in winter, where not even 2% makes the jump past the arctic circle and stays well under it, only to be swallowed impressively quickly by the Russian Taiga in Spring.
    Depriving proud american forests in Alaska from their rightful sustenance!!

    That damned Green Stuff everywhere throwing spanners in a perfectly good Narrative..
    And damn the Russians for having nearly untouched plains/forest almost the size of the entire US hoovering up Decent Christian Capitalist CO2…

  5. “The emissions, in no small part, help drive the increasing severity of storms that hit the area, including Hurricane Harvey, which damaged hundreds of Beaumont homes in 2017. Four feet of water inundated the city, as residents went without drinking water and electricity for days, and the ExxonMobil refinery dumped more than 10,000 pounds of unpermitted pollution in the air. ”

    Just a flat statement. No references. No evidence. Nothing.

    So as usual just a baseless whine from idiot lefties.

  6. Funnily enough, just finished the second series finale of ‘Slow Horses’ last night. Never read the books (though I’ll get around to that), but the show is almost the best thing on Apple TV.

    It’s just pipped to the post by ‘For All Mankind’.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ll look out for that, Julia. We’ve got a 3 moth trial so we’ll be doing a bit of watching.

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