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Keir Starmer says ‘99.9pc of women don’t have a penis’

Implying that transwomen are only 0.01% of the population. Such dismissive hatred……

10 thoughts on “Transphobia!”

  1. Alternatively: “Lawyer discovers objective evidence is very important”.
    I wish he had said “That which is between your legs shows what gender you are”.

    Oh, and 0.1%, surely?
    So a school with 1,000 pupils might have one who is trans. Might.

  2. Someone was so kind to post the latest UK census results in one of the topics.
    Off the top of my head the total letter alphabet was about 3% of the population, of which the T was 2-3%..
    So that’s ummm… 0.09% of the population at most..

    You rarely hear about FtM, but a quick check shows that over the past two decades both directions have become almost equal, so we can pretty confidently cut that percentahge in half to get the MtF percentage, making it 0.045%.
    Of course, the ones who are serious about it will have their thing snipped, so not all FtM’s will still have their dangly bits.
    No easy data on that, but let’s halve the number again.. with some wriggle room..

    Say 0.025% of the Brit population would class as “woman with a penis” for some reason or other.
    So that’s..99.9% of women that don’t.. Can’t use the 99.99% here..

    We have a case of a politician using an accurate number… Who’da thunk it?!!!

  3. 100% of women don’t have a penis. Starmer is a science denier. The FtMs don’t either. What they have is a piece of flesh taken from another part of their body and grafted on to look like one.

  4. Longrider – Yarp, they usually get a raw hunk of skin carved out of their arm or leg, rolled into a sausage, and then sewn on to their fanny.

    The result is as great as it sounds: it doesn’t function as a penis and doesn’t look like one either: it looks like a sculpture of a Coke can made by Jeffrey Dahmer.

    For some reason doctors are allowed to do stuff like this to the mentally ill without getting jailed. ‘Eunuch Maker’ and his friends are up in court for doing much same things but without an NHS lanyard.

  5. @Steve – what they also don’t tell you is that the resulting surgery leads to bladder and urinary infections and blockages. I paid £6k to have a blockage removed and these idiots volunteer for surgery that will give them the misery I put up with for twenty years. Nowt like folk.

  6. Listening to “Feedback” on the wireless this evening. Some moron complaining “why in the list of 30 power women in sport are there no trans women?”

    Sigh. Trannies are 0.025% of the population, as concreted in the census. Exactly how many trans women do they expect out of a list of 30 people?

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