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We could call it that, yes

Trump’s prosecution is a triumph. Not a shame. Not a tragedy. A triumph ⁠— one of the great events in American presidential history. The public and the pundits might disagree by the end of Trump’s trial in Manhattan ⁠— perhaps the first of a few ⁠— but the significance of what district attorney Alvin Bragg has managed to do will be wholly unsullied, in substance, by the outcome of his case.

The use of the law to ensure your political opponent can’t get elected. A triumph, possibly, but a triumph for what?

21 thoughts on “We could call it that, yes”

  1. Osita Nwanevu is a Guardian US columnist

    America died a while ago, these people are picking clean its corpse.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    what district attorney Alvin Bragg has managed to do will be wholly unsullied, in substance, by the outcome of his case

    Look at that “in substance” – taken straight from Weasel’s thesaurus and “unsullied” like pregnancy admits of no qualification. The writer knows he’s lying.

  3. I’m eagerly waiting for the first Graun scribbler to launch an attack on the Right Wing BBC.
    I suppose the donations and boozy lunches that accompany the adverts are probably delaying that, but give it time, give it time.

  4. TMB – Indeed. It’s not the country Donald Trump thought he was leading in 2016, is it? In 2016 most people assumed the American system would permit peaceful, democratic change to happen.

    In retrospect, where he went wrong was thinking he could do a deal with TPTB. Trump is the Art of the Deal guy, he came from a world where there’s usually a rational, mutually beneficial outcome.

    But that only works with people who intend to deal with you in some degree of good faith. It didn’t work on the US governing establishment, who planned on neutralising and then jailing Mr Trump from the very beginning.

    His Attorney General was talked into “recusing” himself from the Russia probe in early 2017. That gave the federal government and politically sympathetic state prosecutors the green light to kick off the neverending malicious prosecution attempts he has endured for the last six years.

    So what are the lessons here?

    The “America” that still lives in the hearts of people who remember the good times of the 80’s no longer exists, and it’s not coming back. The 2020 racial “reckoning” made that clear.

    The ballot box is hopelessly insufficient in the face of actual power, which is the power to compel. Without some degree of support from within the System itself, or the willingness and ability to effectively purge the American Blob (easier said than done), outsiders like Trump don’t have a chance.

    I think Mr DeSantis understands these things, but I don’t see any evidence Donald Trump has learned anything useful.

  5. Trump is being investigated, sorry, set up, by the Democrats, for allegedly paying a hooker, sorry, porn actress, to keep quiet about consensual sex. Perhaps the Republicans missed a trick when they didn’t pursue Bill Clinton who paid out a shed load of money to make the claim of a non-consensual sexual assault, by him, go away.
    I’m so glad that British politics isn’t so dirty.

  6. Oh, Penseivat, have you not seen the news from Jockland..

    yep made my day that – looks like the Plod have found a body on their front lawn too – given the tent?

  7. Excellent. The precedent is now set. In January 2025, the Republicans can nail up Biden.

    However, I suspect the real story is the D’s no longer expect to face an election result. Will they even bother holding it?

    We could start a “reasons for delaying election” bingo:

    a) War with Russia
    b) War with China
    c) Food shortages, riots and unrest
    d) Global cooling warming catastrophe or something
    e) Mostly peaceful firebombings in senate
    f) Deadly ‘plague’ pandemic of the snivles (in November)
    g) Voting is racism.

  8. Certainly a triumph for Trump’s Election Campaign – apparently $8 million rolled into its coffers yesterday.

  9. Chris – lol

    Tim the Coder – Idk if I’d put money on Joe Biden still being alive in 2025.

    He was born in 1942, and he’s not exactly looking well. All credit to his doctors for keeping him ambulatory this long tho.

    Trump, on t’other, looks great for a 76 year old. Instead of presidential debates they should just reenact the Gregory Peck / Larry Olivier old man fight from The Boys from Brazil.

  10. Dennis, The Existential Threat To Civilization, Humanity And Pronoun Abuse

    Dennis, like London is only technically part of the UK.

    I’ll take your word for it. I haven’t spent enough time in Britain to able to sort out the natives by degree of personal wog infestation.

  11. I don’t think this is a particularly big “banana republic” moment. There’s a precedent with Bill Clinton’s impeachment, which was also concerning porkies told in relation to nickery sexual accusations. Yes, the cases are different but the basic notion of using legal manoeuvres to damage a political opponent is right there. And that was with a sitting president.

    Having given up being distracted by ridiculous American political partisanship about every little fucking thing going (Biden dropped a coin, OMG, LOL) it all seems a bit meh.

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