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Well, sorta and sorta

UK’s most eligible bachelor is off the market – Duke of Westminster announces engagement
Hugh Grosvenor, 32, proposes to Olivia Henson, 30, at his family seat in Cheshire

This is a fun description:

Miss Henson, an account manager at a food company

Well, yes and sorta. You could read that as marketing sausage rolls for Greggs. Which isn’t quite it:

Her early school years were spent at Dragon School, a preparatory school in Oxford. She was later educated at Marlborough College, a £43,000-a-year co-educational boarding school in Wiltshire, where Princess Eugenie was a contemporary.

The school’s alumni also include the Princess of Wales, who attended Marlborough College before meeting Prince William at St Andrew’s University.

Miss Henson studied Hispanic studies and Italian at Trinity College, Dublin, where she earned a 2:1 degree.

To be bitchy – hey, I’m allowed to express my full character and all aspects of my gender occasionally aren’t I? – going into marketing and PR is this generation’s version of The Season. A way to scope out London for a suitable husband, some of whom do hit the jackpot, as in every generation.

As to being off the market marriage seemed to be his father’s entree into the cash market if the stories are true.

1 thought on “Well, sorta and sorta”

  1. If it’s like the usual article about the Duke it will make two grotesque blunders.

    (i) It will say that he inherited gazillions from his father but that that money is all in trust. In which case he didn’t bloody inherit it, did he?

    (ii) It will say that the money came to him (even though it bloody didn’t) because of primogeniture, thus muddling the fate of the money with the fate of the title.

    With journalists it’s hard to tell whether they are just stupid and ignorant, or both of those plus dishonest and malevolent.

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