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Well, yes and no, yes and no

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, helped orchestrate a plan to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story, a former head of the CIA has said.

He was part of the campaign. Part of the campaign is to deal with issues. Getting fold to say it was the Russians is dealing with it. That’s just politics.

Serving intelligence people – retired can do what they want on a partisan basis – then that’s very different. As is the mass press agreeing with the story.

But cooking up a deflection in the middle of a campaign? What do you think all those people are there for?

6 thoughts on “Well, yes and no, yes and no”

  1. Since the Dems had been howling that Trump was a Russian spy as soon as they heard of him, it’s indeed not surprising that they’d claim anything else they didn’t like was a Russian conspiracy as well.

    So, in hindsight, it’s not surprising that they’d push the Ukraine war as much as they could. Clearly they took Russian squabbles with the fragments of their former empire more seriously than I did.

  2. When Putin said the USA + satrapies are an Empire of Lies, he was right.

    They lie about everything: race, immigration, politics, economics, “the climate emergency”, Covid, the completely unsupported claim that Joe Biden did not shit himself in front of Camilla.

    The Western world spends hundreds of billions every year on lying. Simply turn on your telly to be transported to a magical land of bollocks, now including the first Dr. Who to be banned by the General Medical Council for incompetence.

  3. When Putin said the USA + satrapies are an Empire of Lies, he was right.

    Not exactly a stunning revelation, though, is it? And he was defo projecting. All states lie and always have done. After all, it was Margaret Thatcher who got the climate lie rolling with her need to defeat the mining union. Lasting lies and bullshit for today’s passing contingency.

    Boo hoo. Let’s all just give up and roll over. Whips available for the especially miserable.

  4. PJF – Not exactly a stunning revelation, though, is it? And he was defo projecting

    Russian and Chinamen tell traditional self-serving lies: “he fell out of a window”, “we have no idea where the virus came from, lol”.

    The Empire lies to you about the nature of biological and physical reality itself, all while smirking at you and telling you you’re an evil racist. And now trying to restrict your food intake.

    Eastasia is authoritarian but no longer in the grip of a totalising ideology. Our regime is both.

    I’m not sure where to put the towel, but if we don’t have clear eyes when looking at the situation we’ve been put in, there’s little chance of us ever finding an exit.

  5. Russian and Chinamen tell traditional self-serving lies:
    If you ever get out of what ever English suburb you live in, Steve, you’ll find the truth is pretty well restricted to a few Northern European cultures influenced by the Protestant version of Christianity. Anywhere else in the world, apart from a few primitive cultures who haven’t got around to inventing lies, the “truth” is largely what’s convenient to the speaker
    The entire Soviet system was built on lies. Lying was the only way to survive in it. Don’t suppose Chinese communism is any different. The Chinese themselves have little tradition of honesty. In Muslim society it’s “as Allah wills it” & since Allah might will almost anything, it’s not even regarded as lying. The Catholic faith’s built on 2000 years of lies.
    Sure your leaders lie to you. They always have. Lying’s essential to get to the top. The problem’s the widespread outbreak of gullibility. People seem willing to believe anything these days.

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