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Well, you can say one thing for Old Rupe

The billionaire media mogul messaged his fourth wife to say: “Jerry, sadly I’ve decided to call an end to our marriage,” according to an explosive profile in Vanity Fair magazine.

It is also alleged that when Ms Hall moved into the Oxfordshire home she was given in the divorce settlement,

At least he did marry her and at least there was a divorce settlement. Instead of Mick’s insistence that a Hindu service on a beach wasn’t, in fact, a marriage.

3 thoughts on “Well, you can say one thing for Old Rupe”

  1. I wonder what it was that Jerry saw in an octogenarian billionaire like Murdoch.

    Many years ago she did some tv adverts for Bovril. When asked if she really drank it she replied “No darling, I polish my shoes with it.”

  2. Dennis, Asking The Tough Questions So You Don't Have To

    Is there anyone Jerry Hall didn’t fuck, then marry? Besides Bryan Ferry, I mean.

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