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Well, you know, but anything that kills the CBI……

But on Tuesday morning Threadneedle Street informed the CBI that it would no longer be appropriate for the Governor to attend, the Telegraph understands.

The move came just hours after new allegations of rape, sexual assault and other inappropriate behaviour were made against a slew of senior managers at Britain’s biggest business lobby group.

One woman says she was raped at a CBI staff party held in 2019, according to the Guardian, with complainants describing a “toxic culture” of “unchecked misogyny” at the organisation.

It has forced bosses to widen the scope of an independent investigation being led by law firm Fox Williams, which was already examining an allegation of sexual harassment made by a female staff member against CBI director general Tony Danker. He has temporarily stepped aside, pending the investigation’s outcome.

He has said: “It’s been mortifying to hear that I have caused offence or anxiety to any colleague. It was completely unintentional, and I apologise profusely.”

Mr Bailey’s decision underlines the concern within British boardrooms about the growing crisis, with Marks & Spencer and the engineering business Rolls-Royce among companies that have raised the matter directly with the CBI this week.

There might be a certain amount of scepticism about the claims. After all, who would believe anyone at the CBI had balls in the first place? On the other hand anything that kills the corporatist model is to be welcomed, no?

5 thoughts on “Well, you know, but anything that kills the CBI……”

  1. Tim, this sounds like the classic setup for an organisation that’s about to get taken over by ‘activists’.

  2. Steve, hasn’t it been leaning left for several years now? Count the number of stories on its website that use the word “green” or mention “our NHS”

  3. Dio – Yarp, of course.

    The CBI is wetter than a Tory MP at a foam party, but they’ve been slower on the uptake to adopt full blown Woke.

    These accusations sound like the kind of thing that’s going to lead to a new, female CBI boss who’s going to triple down on the Diversity and Inclusion bollocks.

  4. ” at a CBI staff party held in 2019, according to the Guardian,”

    Does the Graun indeed not know which year it was held?

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