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Werl, if you don’t pay women then that’s sexism, see?

The Irish Rugby Football Union has been likened to an “old boys club” after a damning investigation by Telegraph Sport uncovered an alarming amount of sexism towards its women’s team.

Scrutiny has intensified over the IRFU’s severe lack of support for its female national side at a time when its men’s team are ranked No1 in the world and among the favourites to win this year’s men’s World Cup.

Andy Farrell’s players capped off a fairy-tale Six Nations campaign last month by winning a Grand Slam in Dublin, with Ireland’s men’s Under-20s repeating the feat the day after.

England, Wales and Scotland have all professionalised their women’s teams but the same cannot be said of Ireland, who are the only team in the Women’s Six Nations who failed to qualify for last year’s World Cup.

Women must be paid. Remember that in all interactions…..

4 thoughts on “Werl, if you don’t pay women then that’s sexism, see?”

  1. Can the Irish women’s rugby team beat a boys under 15’s side from the local comprehensive?

    If they can’t, then they aren’t much cop and if so why pay them anything? Just scrap the team and have done with it.

  2. The key, but not unrelated, question should be, does anyone of any gender give two shits about Irish women playing rugby and would they pay a few quid to watch them? The answer is no. So there is no justification for a pro team.

    Mind you that applies to all nations. I’m a big rugby fan and couldn’t name a single current England women’s player.

  3. I’m a big rugby fan and couldn’t name a single current England women’s player.

    At least when the womens team is on the pitch (or the telly highlights) its a good opportunity to go for a pint or a piss.

    If they wanted to gain an audience, they could always reinstate the tradition of swapping shirts after the game.

  4. When they merged the men’s and women’s 7’s tournaments someone got a lot of flak for saying at least it will be easier to figure out when to take a break, go for food etc

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