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What does anyone expect Twitter to do?

Twitter has been accused of bowing to government pressure in India by blocking scores of prominent journalists, politicians and activists from its platform in recent weeks.

The Indian government issued notices to Twitter to remove people in the aftermath of an internet shutdown in Punjab during the search for a fugitive Sikh separatist leader.

Twitter agreed to block more than 120 accounts, including the Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh, the Canadian poet Rupi Kaur, several journalists and an Indian MP. Twitter also blocked the handle of the BBC’s Punjabi bureau.

They should obey the law or not? When in India they should obey Indian law or not? And what if it was a US or UK law that they weren’t obeying in the US or UK? Opinions change then or not?

Seriously, corporations should obey the law or we are still all colonialist? We don’t have to obey those silly brown people in their own country?

5 thoughts on “What does anyone expect Twitter to do?”

  1. They should obey the law in the country they are based in. If people in India access the world wide web, that’s their lookout

  2. Problem is, same applies to companies operating in China, where the law is inform or else. They could just pull out.

  3. @Bucko is correct here. Twitter is based in the US, so US laws apply. The Indian government can always block it if they don’t like it. See also, Whatsapp and other end-to-end encrypted messaging services threatening to stop providing services in the UK for precisely the same reason. In this case, they are rightly refusing to comply.

  4. They could just pull out.

    Between China and India you’re talking over 2.5 billion “eyes” on ads; 2.5 billion sets of data to exploit. Big tech will be reluctant to pull out of that.

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