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What stock market fun

So CXApp jumps 345% in a day. OK, fun stuff.

Then people remember that Inpixon used to own CXApp. So Inpixon jumps 100% because of course there must be some residual shareholding, right?

Except the CXApp stock got distributed to Inpixon shareholders of the date 6 March. So, err, they’re all gone.

Now call me Mystic Meg if you like but I predict a certain fall in Inpixon shares……

4 thoughts on “What stock market fun”

  1. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    So trigger happy flying Ferraris going off what they heard from the last bloke they did a line with, instead of doing some research before handing over tens of millions of other peoples’ money?

    Tell me it ain’t true!

  2. More like guys in Mom’s basement gambling the unemployment check but close enough – these are tiny stocks that the Big Boys don’t look at.

  3. Thanks for this clarification Tim.

    So these guys are not actually earning loads more than me for being complete fuckwits; reassuring, sort of.

  4. Ha ha. Who were the major holders of INPX when the spin-out happened? Given the As and Cs, it looks like they might have engineered a cute way of exiting the lock-in, by limiting the liquidity in the As.

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