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What was that list of things caused by climate change?

English professorial type who kept a list of strange claims of things caused by climate change? Want to say John Blundell but I know it wasn’t him…..

14 thoughts on “What was that list of things caused by climate change?”

  1. Retired professor of control engineering at Southampton University. Used to comment on his Numberwatch blog.

  2. I was impressed that both AIDS and World War 4 had been caused by climate change.

    I wasn’t even aware that the second of those had happened. I really should watch the news more often.

  3. Ash G. Thanks for that list… Going to have some fn with that… 3:)

    Shame it’s only updated up to 2012..

  4. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Grikath, John was in very poor health for a long time. I hope he and his wife are still with us.

  5. This is good from 1971
    It dismisses the effects of man made CO2 in the atmosphere as trivial & frets about man made global cooling due to pollution, particularly particulates. We’re precipitating an ice age!
    Which is where I came in to this long running comedy show & gravy train.
    My advice would be file a copy of this & you may be able to remuneratively publish it under your own name around 2033 or so.

  6. We could do much the same sort of thing with Brexit. Today’s example is the queues in Dover. I can almost hear the conversation – journo rings up CEO of Port of Dover: “These queues, are they the result of (a) your being an incompetent cretin unsuitable to run a whelk stall; or (b) Brexit?”

  7. Didn’t the U.K. bung the French a load of money to speed up checks and avoid Brexit being blamed for delays a while back? Guess they reckon the next instalment is due, what’s the french for danegeld?

  8. Chris, whilst not ruling out incompetence of our ‘Border Force’ or officials on this side of the Channel, it appears once again to be the Frogs fucking things up. Around Easter. As they do every year.

    I expect French air traffic controllers to stage a walkout this week or next.

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