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White! Male! Violence!

The man who livestreamed the murder of his colleagues in Kentucky was a finance graduate who had found out he was about to be fired from his banking job, sources have told US media.

This’ll allow the trans bird on testosterone to be memory holed, won’t it?

9 thoughts on “White! Male! Violence!”

  1. The tranny has already been memory holed, they’re certainly in no hurry to publish She/He’s ‘manifesto’.

    The other LGBTQ weirdo who murdered a bunch of people in a gay bar in Colorado might as well not exist.

    The black guy who brutally murdered six people – including an 8 year old boy at a Christmas parade with his grandma – because they were white could be a legend from the days of Beowulf for all the press gives a shit.

    But the US media is still crying about Sandy Hook (2012) and Elliott Rodger (2014), because they care so much.

  2. Seems to have had long standing issues with himself (just like the rest of us eh) but at least used the correct pronouns…..

  3. This’ll allow the trans bird on testosterone to be memory holed, won’t it?

    Sure. Until the next Tranny shooting happens. I mean per capita of the human vs tranny population, it’s all trannies.

  4. This guy’s gonna be memory holed too, because he put “He/Him” pronouns on his social media profiles, and he wrote the following about Black Lives Matter:

    “They won’t listen to words or protests. Let’s see if they hear this.”

    If they keep reporting on the guy, people will start questioning all the democrat governors who said the same thing on TV.

  5. Dennis, The Existential Threat To Civilization, Humanity And Pronoun Abuse

    Turns out this guy posted anti-Trump and anti-Republican comments on social media. This will be memory-holed quickly. He’s white, he’s male, but he doesn’t fit the profile.

  6. Update: The gunman’s pronouns have been changed to “was/were.”

    There’s a recent trend where American media posts more details about the shooter’s resume and talents than about their victims.

    We know full well that the tranny was a painter and the white guy was a basketball-playing banker who had a master’s degree from U of Alabama.

    I’m surprised we don’t yet know if he wore boxers or briefs.

  7. Trans birds on testosterone get memory-holed nearly as quickly as feral black youngsters (aged 12, 16 & 17) who shoot and kill 3 whities in central Florida.

    However the speed record for this year must be the inconvenient case of the 6 year old from Virginia who less than 2 weeks ago shot his teacher in the stomach and was never spoken of again.

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