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Yep, Vox is goddamn insane

Trans people deserve better journalism
How the anti-trans movement took over legacy media.

The media is anti-trans? Sheesh.

This appears in an outlet that essentially fired on it its founders because a trans journo on staff felt they weren’t fully supportive?

4 thoughts on “Yep, Vox is goddamn insane”

  1. that trans kids are transitioning at alarming rates, that trans activists are pushier and angrier than ever, and that doctors with a scary agenda are forcing risky, dangerous medical care on unsuspecting children and parents.

    I’d go further than that but all the above statements are descriptions of reality.

  2. As I’ve said many times before, identity politics makes people paranoid because it teaches them that the world is divided into oppressors and victims, and that if you are assigned to a victim group then you are surrounded by people who want to harm you. A person who internalises that worldview will always feel threatened, regardless of objective realities, and will assume that anybody who doesn’t uncritically support them at all times is revealing themselves to be an enemy.

    Of course, there is an overlap here between paranoia and narcissism. In both these mental states, people start to believe that everything that happens in the world is all about them, and that the rest of the world must constantly justify itself to them. Paranoiacs require you to constantly prove that you are not an enemy, and narcissists demand the applause that they think they are entitled to. Some trans activists seem to have both conditions.

  3. Disappointing for the author… The slapback on New Media is also gaining momentum.

    Rainbow Hystrionics… The gift that keeps on giving.. Especially when Caught On Camera.

  4. Has anyone noticed that the people proclaiming themselves feminist a decade ago are now unable to define a woman.

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