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You think, eh?

The attribution suggests it was sourced from a signals intercept, which in turn suggests the Americans are eavesdropping on Ukrainian communications.

Anyone thinking the Americans are not doing so is being breathtakingly stupid.

5 thoughts on “You think, eh?”

  1. The NOFORN designation confirms what everyone knows, that America is perfectly happy to withhold information from its Five Eyes partners.

    I would hope that MI6 has enough sense to do likewise. Their institutional anti-Americanism might for once be a blessing in disguise. We may be a small player on the world stage nowadays but presumably we still have some national interests even if it’s getting harder to discern quite what they are.

  2. The Americans would be breathtakingly stupid not to eavesdrop on people they’ve given tens of billions of dollars and two or three armies worth of weapons to.

    Otoh the Russians seem to strongly believe last week’s purported leak was an op, intended to support an operational or strategic deception of the Motherland.

    Pro tip – any time a media outlet unironically quotes Bellingcat, check your pisser for the little hands pulling it:

    The first batch of more than 30 documents appeared to have been posted on a Discord messaging server on March 1 and 2, according to Aric Toler, a researcher with the Dutch investigative group Bellingcat

    The Telegraph does not believe Bellingcat is a ‘Dutch investigative group’, but they’re hoping you’re stupid enough to.

  3. Of course you should believe this ‘leak’ is real.

    Forget about Operation Mincemeat, or the D-day deception efforts, or Soviet maskirovka in WW2 and since. This one is the real deal.

  4. Bellingcat dutch?

    *checks* ..Ah… One of those

    Here known as the “IKEA Trick”. It’s one of the legal holes when it comes to foundations and what they’re supposed to be that’s long in plugging.
    No thanks to the quite considerable lobby to not do anything about it, because Big Money and Big Issues make heavy abuse of the possibility.

    But yeah.. “Dutch” in name only as a legality.

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