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You’re lying, Guardian, lying

Britain ‘not close to being a racially just society’, finds two-year research project
Exclusive: More than a third of people from ethnic and religious minorities have experienced racially motivated assault, data shows

No, they haven’t, don’t be so abjectly stupid.

More than a third of people from ethnic and religious minorities have experienced racially motivated physical or verbal abuse,

Given that some 100% of the population have been slagged off at some point or other this is not a finding which should strike terror into hearts.

But it’s that changing of “racially motivated physical or verbal abuse” into “racially motivated assault” which is the lie. Begone foul fiends, you’re lying.

Gaaarn, fuck off.

17 thoughts on “You’re lying, Guardian, lying”

  1. Social barriers faced by Roma, Gypsies and Travellers laid bare in equality survey


    They should hire a bunch of them to work at the Guardian.

  2. Sadly, these racial justice warriors have, because of the last few years, reduced me to their image.
    Having been told in the past “Never judge someone by the colour of their skin”, I am now told that I am a white supremacist and privileged because, err, of the colour of my skin. Furthermore, should I pine, “I’m not racist!” that is proof positive that I AM racist. OK, your word is law now, so cop this pal…

  3. I’d love to see a fleet of lorries, SUVs and caravans parked up on Katherine Viner’s lawn departing after a week or two leaving fridges, washing machines, sheets of ripped up plasterboard and piles of human excrement and used nappies behind. Top of the morning to you, we’ll tarmac your drive or lop those trees cash in hand, lucky white heather only £10.

  4. Being denounced as racist is meaningless nowadays, the term has been so overused.

    Similarly, being called “far-right” just means that the epsilon-minus semi-morons that read the grauniad disagree with me. Fucks given, none at all.

  5. Btw, speaking of lying, The Guardian has now decided that the several thousand mugshots you probably saw of Pakistani men arrested for raping children was all a figment of your tiny, racist mind:

    Braverman’s claimed intervention came days after she was criticised for singling out British Pakistani men over grooming gang concerns, despite government research showing no basis for such a link

    We’re back to “those little white girls are liars and whores”, Inshallah.

  6. That opening paragraph from the “Poor Gypsies” article”:

    “The barriers which Roma, Gypsy and Traveller people face in modern Britain have been laid bare in unprecedented survey data, which reveals extremely high levels of racial assault, poor health, precarious employment and socioeconomic deprivation.”

    If they choose to live a life-style that puts them at odds with and rejects societal norms, the barriers are entirely of their own making.”

  7. Produced by the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity at Manchester University, it claims to be the most extensive survey of racial inequalities since 1997, offering an unprecedented scale of access, granular detail and national reach. The survey was co-designed with 13 ethnic minority and community groups.

    I’d be very interested in looking at the accounts for Manchester University, let alone the following bodies:

    Black & Ethnic Minority Infrastructure in Scotland (BEMIS)
    Business in the Community
    Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team (EYST)
    Friends, Families and Travellers
    Migrant Rights Network
    Muslim Council of Britain
    NHS Race and Health Observatory
    Operation Black Vote (OBV)
    Race Equality Foundation
    The Runnymede Trust
    Stuart Hall Foundation
    The Ubele Initiative

    Seems odd that they would use an organization named after the disgraced former ‘It’s a knockout’ presenter but that seems to be the extent of this survey’s credibility. If we wonder why the economy is buggered and we’re suffering labour shortages across the board – they need only take a look at this report – 13 organizations whose overall productivity is actually less than zero.

  8. Hmmm.. I get, by Guardian Standards, “assaulted with racial abuse” on a regular basis.
    Usually from the north-african derived and black ex-colonial derived segments over here, usually on the basis that I’m a middle-aged caucasian male and as such must be guilty of Something.
    And that’s in dutch. No idea what the Recent Imports are bitching at me, because it’s in their lingo, not one of the four I can actually understand.

    Add to that the sexist assaults made by the more militant female and rainbow “warriors”, simply because I’m male and confortably heterosexual, and I measure such assaults in numbers per week, not per year.

    But that seems to be not a problem, since I am but an evil middle-aged caucasian cis-het male…

  9. ‘White Irish’ were above the average rate and higher than a number of other ethnic groups so I’m not sure how this links to racism as melanin content doesn’t seem to have been a factor

  10. More than a third of people from ethnic and religious minorities have experienced racially motivated physical or verbal abuse,
    There’s no doubt if you’d done better there’d be far fewer arrived. Try harder next time, eh? See if you can get round to all of them.

  11. 85% of the population, being White, have experienced racially motivated physical or verbal abuse.

    It’s a daily occurrence, in the street, going for a job, university place, in TV ads, TV programmes, Socisl media, legislation, in the media commentariat.

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