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A little late now but it would have been so fun

Break into the transmission for the foreign markets. Replace the soundtrack.

Dambusters for the German market, of course. This perhaps for the Far East.

Further suggestions invited…..

4 thoughts on “A little late now but it would have been so fun”

  1. Trivia: The Bridge on the River Kwai was written by the same Frenchman who wrote The Planet of The Apes.

    The former also included Percy Herbert amongst the cast as it seemed did every war film of the time.

  2. In the dim & distant past taking over a TV transmitter happened once or twice in the UK. Relays tended to be rebroadcast off a main Tx so when the main Tx switched off, the pirates would put up their own signal to keep the relay going. This was thwarted in the end by putting codes in the video & sound that needed to be present for the relay to stay up.

    At that time I would have loved to replace the anodyne theme to ‘Crossroads’ by the opening chords of the Cream live version but getting into Central TV’s audio feeds wouldn’t have been easy.

  3. I understand it’s possible to get a DVD of the 1966 World Cup Final with German commentary and English subtitles, which is quite amusing.

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