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First it was no to Polish plumbers, then Afghan refugees. Now the right doesn’t want any migrants at all
Aditya Chakrabortty

Some people think and feel that way. And? You’re not anti-democratic, are you?

29 thoughts on “And?”

  1. First it was no Irish. Then it was no Windrush darkies. Then it was no Paki’s. Then it was no Bangle Dashers. Then it was no Kosovans. Then it was no Polish. Then it was no Afghans. Then it was no Iraqi’s.*

    The indigenous people of the UK have been saying NO MIGRANTS for decades but we fucking got them all didn’t we?

    *Please feel free to add any I may have missed…….

  2. So Keir Starmer (formerly a member of the “Young Socislists”, who, in my youth, included thwe Trotskyites that were carefully excluded/expelled from the Young Communist League) criticising the Conervative government is “the right”?
    Simultaneously the Guardian comlains about the capitalists wanting immigration to “depress” wage levels (or to stop wages rising intolerably fast).
    I’ve never been against Polish plumbers, just against Tony Crosland causing a shortage of British plumbers by copying the USA’s failed “neighbourhood schools” system after it was seen to have failed.
    My right-wing county had a county council-sponsored volunteer (including my wife and myself) system for receiving and sorting donations for Afghan and, later, Ukrainian refugees hosted by other volunteers or temporarily housed in hotels in the coun ty.
    Whence does Charkrabortty derive this definition of “right”? Not from observed reality!

  3. The left wants to remove a number of natural born citizens from their own countries. Canadian truckers, January 6 protesters in the US, memesters in UK, etc.

  4. Why do interviewers never ask what the interviewee’s ideal number is, or what they imagine would ensue for the nation if it was unlimited?

    I’d be able to answer those questions but I bet Sir bloody Kier would waffle his head off rather than give a definitive answer.

  5. Addolff.

    Well, there’s Romans, Irish, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Normans. But I’m sure I’ve left a lot out.

  6. New research this week from Hope Not Hate reports a direct link between politicians’ use of inflammatory language around immigration and activity by the far right.

    An organization which when I challenged it over Hizb ut Tahrir not being on their list of extremists said it ‘isn’t extreme’ complains about ‘far right’ activity. Their definition of far right is the same as Murphy’s. It’s ‘people who disagree with me’

    This all amid a rise in far-right protests outside hotels housing asylum seekers.

    There’s been one in the whole country – how many BLM/ Antifa/ JSO/ IB/XR demos have buggered up the country since COVID?

    On Rye Lane in Peckham, south London, 61% of migrant businesspeople spoke two or three languages; 28% spoke four or more. In Birmingham, she found a street of shops run by people from Cameroon to Kurdistan to Vietnam

    I can imagine the same probably wouldn’t hold true in Cameroon, Kurdistan and Vietnam as well – and anyone attempting to advocate that such an outcome would be a good thing in Yaounde would be given short shrift, as they would in Erbil or Hanoi.

    I think I might have to say this clown might be even worse than Murphy

  7. This is priceless as well Steve:

    Every last one of the right’s grievances has been dealt with, and it drives them mad.

    Were you aware this current administration had dealt with your complaints ‘in totalis’?

    Bugger me backwards with a Red hot poker (as ISIS might do to Chakrabortty if, as I hope, they do get hold of him)

  8. I don’t have the numbers to hand but the facts are that net immigration to the UK since 1997 exceeds net immigration to the UK from ‘dawn of recorded time’ to 1997.

    All this bollocks about ‘country of immigrants’ ignores the fact that previously they were in small numbers with periodic slightly larger numbers. And spread over centuries.

    We’ve gone from a monoculture to a plethoraculture in a single generation. No one wants to integrate, they just want their own Shitistan in their own neighbourhood. Meanwhile the country’s infrastructure creaks at the seams with the numbers.

    Seriously, where the fuck can I emigrate to when I retire because I don’t want to stay in this pile of crud.

  9. VP – “protesting” is as pointless as voting.

    If people don’t want rapefugee hotels, they’re going to have to do something else.

  10. When I was a kid it seemed that every street (as did mine) had just one Irishman who came here during the 50s and had married a local girl; a Jamaican circa Windrush who too had married a local girl; and a lad from Poland that came here during the war. Was of a different order to the tens of thousands that invaded my neighbourhood some 20-25yrs ago. It went from having a couple of quirky neighbours to being assailed by a competing tribe who inexplicably blamed me personally for enslaving their granny and nicking their national artefacts.

  11. “This week’s furore over entirely legal migration proves it was never the kind of foreigner you were, simply your foreignness”

    Yep, that’ll do me, Aditya, you eminently deportable cunt.

  12. Public Health England can tell us we should drink no more than 14 units a week, we should eat around 2000 Cal a day and no more than half from ultra-processed, what level of salt is good for you, to what level of advertising and when is good for the nation.
    Give them the immigration brief!
    They love setting targets that are ignored but it would be such fun to watch them try.

  13. @Sam Vara

    “This week’s furore over entirely legal migration proves it was never the kind of foreigner you were, simply your foreignness”

    It’s different when there’s a furore over entirely legal tax planning.

  14. Bogan @ 1.39, being of ‘Viking’ stock myself (I believe, through the surname. I don’t have actual evidence of the ancestors coming across in Longboats raping, pillaging and raping (“you said rape twice – I know, I like rape”) and I don’t own a hat with horns coming out the top), I don’t have an issue with ‘immigrants’. I do have an issue with the number of, religion and cultural baggage these cunts bring with them – see the ropers disrupting a movie in Brum they disagree with and the riots in Leicester last year.

    Andrew C @ 1.50. Having migrated out of Londonshitoleistan decades ago, those of us in my haven are currently having our noses ‘rubbed in diversity’. TPTB (Lib Lab Con) believe in diversity and will not allow anyone to be outside it. Whether we want it or not.

  15. All you racists will be shown just how wrong you are when the army of single young men we’ve imported are eager to sign up and to fight Russia for our way of life in the currently starting WWIII, saving our country from the evil oppression of the great Satanic Putin, pushing the Red Army all the way back past Moscow…

    That’s what’s going to happen, right?

  16. Democracy is not guaranteed to make the correct decision. Even if everyone votes for lower taxes, more state services, and lower state borrowing, that does not make it possible. Democracy cannot make pi be three, or MMT be true.

    Democracy is the worst form of government, apart from all the others. It guarantees that any stupid, irrational, and ignorant policy that we decide upon is only ever imposed against their will on a minority, whereas other forms of government can still make stupid, irrational, and ignorant decisions, but also get to impose them on a majority.

    The article is arguing over what is the right thing to do – not saying something else should be imposed against the wishes of a majority.

  17. Adolff, minor correction ( and pet peeve as a re-enactor…)

    Horns do not belong on the helm. Never did. You really don’t want to give the enemy extra leverage to snap your neck…..
    That one is squarely ( as usual..) on the damned Romantics who buggered up the spangen type made with horn. Which is a Thing and damned effective at that.

    The only true and proper ways to sport a horn as a Nordic (-derived) are:
    – In/on your belt. The less preferred option, because it means reason two isn’t happening, and that is..
    – Raised in a toast to a particularly creative boast. Preferably followed by a refill.

    Any other use is silly.

  18. Refugees – yeah we’ll take our share. Especially Christian-types. Because the Arabs must want all the Muslims, right? RIGHT?

    Skilled migrants – yeah we need a bunch of them until we get our sh1t together.

    Unskilled migrants. Nope.

  19. Bloke in North Dorset

    I wasn’t against Polish plumbers, Afghan refugees or any other migrants per se, I was against the EU telling us who we had to take in and politicians telling us they couldn’t do anything about it.

    If there is to be any joy from the upcoming Labour victory it will be the Schadenfreude as we watch them try to deal with the issues that their own policies have inflicted on us.

  20. Democracy cannot make pi be three, or MMT be true.

    Indiana House of Representatives once passed a bill to set the value of pi.

  21. Grikath @ 6.24, thank you for that.

    Having visited the Nordic centre in York ten or twelve years ago, I did know.
    If memory serves (it may not, it was a ‘team day’ and all-day drinking was involved), horns were found in a burial pit next to a helm and someone put two and two (well, two and one) together.

    Charles @ 5.53, the problem is (as pointed out by ‘Getorfmyland’ Jim on another thread) we essentially have a uniparty not democracy, and the uniparty will do what they want, not the voters.

  22. It’s not that we don’t want any migrants, it’s that we don’t want so many migrants and we don’t want ANY illegal migrants. Adding another Birmingham (does anybody think we really need another Birmingham?) every two years is unsustainable.

  23. Exactly FrankH, it’s the numbers. And we need the top line number not the net, that’s a fiddle. We could swap the entire population and the net would be zero, but the UK would be gone.

  24. @ Chernyy Dreakon
    The Indiana legislature may have *thought* they could set the value of pi …
    King Cnut Sweynsson is remembered for staging a live-action demonstration to his courtiers that orders from human rulers do not change the reality of the natural world

  25. “Indiana House of Representatives once passed a bill to set the value of pi.”

    Nah. It’s a great story but, as so often, sadly untrue. It considered – but didn’t, in the end, pass – a bill requiring a flawed method of squaring the circle, which used a wildly innacurate approximation of Pi, to be taught in schools. (Because the bloke who invented it thought he could charge royalties to the State Education Department. The truth is actually more interesting than the myth.)

  26. The bill did actually pass the House of Representatives.
    The Indiana Senate crushed it though, because everyone was pointing and laughing.

    @Sam Duncan
    With maths, you could quite easily mandate a value of pi to be used. You could legislate it as being 6.283…
    All you would then have to do is introduce a correcting factor to every equation.
    So the area of a circle now becomes A = 0.5πr^2
    Pointless, but simples.

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