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Carrie reads her own book

Have a listen.

That’s Carrie.

It’s a strong disagreement with reality, isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “Carrie reads her own book”

  1. Idk, Tim.

    Have you ever seen some of the She-Hulks on Sauchiehall Street at midnight?

    Glasgow: the land that Darwin forgot.

  2. It’s high time the psycho-surgical-pharma complex admitted that autogynophelia and gender dysmorphia are two entirely separate conditions.
    The first (Gary’s case) comes on with middle age. The excuse that “I’ve always felt like a girl” is a lie (to disguise narcissism, or worse, paedophilia).
    The second is a reaction to the hell of growing up in a right-on liberal middle class household.
    Either way, drugs and surgery won’t cure the underlying problem.

  3. I thought you meant Carrie Johnson for a moment. The after-dinner circuit not going so well, she has to pitch in with a children’s book on warble gloaming to supplement their income.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    It seems to hold true that when the author rather than an actor is reading a “talking book” it’s likely that the revenue from the venture would be insufficient to cover the actor’s fee. Fair enough – this is not a mass market read.

    However, although one can read Carrie’s blog and accept that the writer is a woman if one wishes and one can see pictures and accept that artifice supports a pretend reality, it really isn’t possible to hear a disembodied male voice and think of it as anything other than a man’s.

    To my southern ear the voice sounds like Andrew Cotter without Olive and Mabel who being labradors have no difficulty distinguising males from females.

  5. Dear Host… Are you suggesting we voluntarily listen to Vogon poetry, as perpetrated by the composer?!!!

    No-one is that masochistic..

  6. Andrew Cotter is the best rugby commentator currently working, by some distance. Perhaps not as good as the great Bill McLaren, but definitely the current holder of his mantle.

  7. Carrie Reads Her Own Book


    Is it any wonder the misogynists, loons and perverts of the ‘trans movement’ are doing so well?

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