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Could we have a conservative party please?

Orange juice should be taxed and smoking banned, George Osborne has said.

14 thoughts on “Could we have a conservative party please?”

  1. Is this the man who described a smaller budget deficit as “austerity”?
    Ah, that explains it

  2. The former chancellor also called for the sugar tax on soft drinks, which he introduced in 2016, to be expanded to cover fruit juice and milkshakes as well as biscuits and cakes

    Just Stop Eating.

  3. I knew Cameron was a wrong ‘un when he was complaining about shops selling chocolate oranges instead of fruit before he was PM. That the rest of his party weren’t reaching for the piano wire told me about them, too. As much as leaving the EU, this was what attracted me to UKIP, that Farage seemed to be a lot more about leaving people alone.

  4. Has Mr Osborne used his leisure time to master the intricacies of biochemistry or is he uncritically repeating something he saw in the papers?

  5. In a round about way old George actually is being a conservative and suggesting a reduction in tax. No fags, no £10 Billion in tobacco duty plus an amount I haven’t been able to quickly find, of VAT. Of course, that isn’t what he said but it will be the inevitable consequence .

  6. Is it realistic to think that anyone becomes a politicians with the notion of just leaving people be? Or do they all want to control, with the difference between the parties being what they want to control first.

  7. TD. No doubt my memories of many decades ago are influenced by the fact that I was so young. And even more gullible than I am now. However the main thrust of Bjelke-Peterson’s rule of Queensland seemed to be to reduce taxes.

    He seemed to want to encourage the maximum possible economic growth in order to reduce overall percentage of cash creamed off by the government.

    Of course he was a farmer. Would you do it that way, Jim??

  8. Heckler (but no doubt an MP) in the House yesterday during the debate on AI and it’s possible effect on employment: “We’ll all be made redundant”.
    Fucking good job.

  9. Addolff said:
    “Heckler (but no doubt an MP) in the House yesterday during the debate on AI: “We’ll all be made redundant”.

    A ridiculous worry – since when was intelligence required to be an MP?

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