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Define sex first

Then harrassment:

Almost two-thirds of young women have been sexually harassed at work, says TUC

Given that we are a sexual species then there is going to be talk, activity and proposals about sex while people are at work. Sex is simply part of being human.

There indeed should and even must be some delineation of what is allowable and what is not. But an idea – just something to put forward for discussion, you know – possibly the line is drawn too far? What is in fact just a normal and even reasonable part of being human is now described as harrassment?

17 thoughts on “Define sex first”

  1. Almost two-thirds of young women have been sexually harassed at work

    Why are they still incapable of successfully procreating then

  2. As my teenage daughter said to me, “Daddy, it’s not sexual harrassment if he’s hot!”

  3. Women dress to make a statement. The statement is often “I’m available”. They don’t wear the qualification about to whom, and when.

  4. As KirthWGerson says,
    It’s not harassment if they like the bloke doing it.
    “You look nice in that dress.”
    If the office hunk says it, she’ll go all weak at the knees, heart all aflutter.
    If the overweight, socially awkward geek says it, it’s harassment.

    It’s why you’re now seeing the majority of women reaching their thirties without children and 50% of men not looking for relationships with women.
    Because if you approach a woman and she doesn’t like you, you end up pilloried on social media, lose your job and potentially up on charges. But the only way to find out if she likes you is to approach… So why take the risk?

    Much better idea to find a woman from a more sensible culture who isn’t bat shit crazy, leave the nutty Western women to their cats, prosecco and grief support groups about the family they never had because they were too deserving to settle for someone who doesn’t make a squillion quid a year while looking like Brad Pitt.

    No prizes for guessing what approach I took.

  5. Steve,

    “Why are they still incapable of successfully procreating then”

    One of my controversial opinions is that most women are only working for years past when they should be because of social pressure that’s been created.

    Women are highly subject to social pressure, to joining groups. Men join groups for a reason. Like, they want to play for Real Madrid because it’s the best team, which mean you play with the best people, win trophies. Women just want to join in with stuff because it’s where other elite women are, or because they can show off to lesser women that they work there.

    This used to manifest itself in women’s stuff. Trying to get to be on the board of a charity, or a top place in the local WI.

    It gradually shifted to yooni, travel and work. But you meet women who spend all their salary on childcare. And women who talk about their “career” as a working mother, like they’re going to be Anna Wintour, rather than the truth that they’re still doing the same job in 20 years. And the extra money they earn mostly goes on bullshit like iProducts, shiny new cars, and exotic holidays where they fly to Thailand to sit on a beach that’s just like a beach in Spain.

    If you shifted girl status back to making dresses and tending gardens, women would disappear from workplaces.

  6. This is the same organization (the TUC) that tolerates paedophiles and perverts (The militant trans lobby) and advocates for such beings to be allowed unrestricted access to ‘women only spaces’?

    They’re suddenly concerned about women’s rights? Pull the other one – it has bells on and has been known to play a jaunty tune…..

  7. BoM4 – Yarpsolutely.

    Hence decades of predictive programming on TV and movies.

    Remember they were terrifying American women with the horrifyingly oppressive prospect of becoming Stepford Wives (slim, attractive mothers living in luxurious mansions and not having to worry about a job)?

    Death to Videodrome

  8. The ladies have to be educated that in the social environment that they have demanded and created, it requires *THEM* to make the moves.

    But, as our host has observed before, male humans tend to target anything until they find a response, whereas female humans tend to exclusively target a tightly defined subset. And then complain about the small size of the pool.

  9. On reflection I can remember only three occasions in which I noticed a come-on at work (using a rather wide definition of “at work”). On each occasion I gave it a brush-off in what I hope was a polite and good-natured way.

    But (i) it’s possible that I simply didn’t notice come-ons from uninteresting women, and (ii) I accept it’s different for women – they are the smaller, weaker, slower sex, and a lot turns on that.

  10. BoM4,
    Spot on. Miss Bannister hasn’t had to work since moving to NL in 2019. More than happy with gardening, woodwork projects, doing arts and craft type stuff, and running a lucrative dog sitting business to fund said projects. She doesn’t miss office work at all.

  11. Chernyy

    That’s so correct – I’d always imagined a former colleague of mine who, 20 years ago, had another half based in Thailand was a couple short of a six pack, but know he looks remarkably prescient. Other issues obviously but he seems far happier than had he been with someone more ‘indigenous’

  12. Just wondering… did the TUC ask men if they felt sexually harassed at work? Or does asking people questions about harassment require that only people with certain plumbing are included?

    There are men who feel aggrieved that the game is stacked against them but this isn’t important enough apparently.

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