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DeSantis is such a pig!

The bill, which bars many Chinese citizens from buying property in Florida, is the latest in an ongoing state and federal effort from Republican lawmakers to emphasize that they are “tough on China” as geopolitical and economic tensions have grown between the two countries. Activists, however, fear that it codifies and emboldens racial profiling in the state, making it harder for Chinese immigrants and Asian Americans to buy homes.

The policy allows some Chinese citizens — those with non-tourist visas — to purchase land, though they aren’t allowed to buy more than two acres, and can only do so at least five miles from military sites. That provision is still extremely restrictive, given the number of places in Florida that could be classified as military sites, activists note.


Foreign investors are not allowed to buy land in China. The land in China belongs to the state and the collectives.

5 thoughts on “DeSantis is such a pig!”

  1. Deliberate and dishonest conflation between Chinese nationals and Chinese Americans. Vox really is a piece of shit written by pieces of shit.

  2. I must confess I see no problem with preventing foreigners from purchasing land. Plainly, neither do the Chinese.

    The article seems to wriggle around trying to claim that a law designed to stop foreigners from China purchasing land will also stop Americans of Chinese descent from doing so. However they don’t provide any evidence to support this claim.

  3. “Deliberate and dishonest conflation between Chinese nationals and Chinese Americans”

    Couldn’t agree more. Does the law say anywhere that US residents or citizens of Chinese origin can’t buy property?

  4. MC

    Isn’t Vox actually paid in full by people sympathetic to Beijing? Lockdown fanatics, compulsory vaccine advocates and so on? No real surprise…

  5. Given the ongoing issue of Chinese interference in canadian politics sounds like a sensible policy.

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