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Dunno, really, I don’t

David Starkey has sparked a racism row after claiming that Rishi Sunak was “not fully grounded in our culture” while criticising him over the Coronation.

Mr Starkey made the comments about the Prime Minister, the first non-white occupant of No 10, as he accused him of being absent from the build-up to the celebrations.

Senior Conservative MPs accused the 78-year-old historian of making derogatory references to the Prime Minister’s Hindu faith and British Indian descent.

The entirety of the rest of the political spectrum insists that those not white – ie, not indigenes – face terrible oppression solely because of their difference. Apparently noting the same difference in reverse is verboten?


20 thoughts on “Dunno, really, I don’t”

  1. Interesting times. A Scottish lady Christian doesn’t believe in gays using her religion when signing a contract to co-habit. So they elect a Muslim who wholeheartedly supports gay marriage, but sadly was tying his shoelace when the vote took place and so had to abstain. The Dick Turpin of the media – the BBC- has a similar anti-racist view. Put only brown skinned people on the screen. If you can’t find enough, put on Welsh, Scottish or Irish. But on no account put on English people. Unless they have a sexual interest outside the norm…

  2. Don’t worry about Lil’ Rishi. He’ll be fine for as long as he keeps toeing the centre left/globalist line.

    Meanwhile in the shires the narrative is already being pushed that the disastrous results are all somehow the fault of Boris and Liz. We can expect a telegraph lead article stating this later today alongside an equally strident one stating the complete opposite.

  3. Senior Conservative MPs accused the 78-year-old historian of making derogatory references to the Prime Minister’s Hindu faith and British Indian descent.

    David Starkey isn’t good at this, so allow me to assist: the passport-juggling, elephant-worshipping, permagrinning, peripatetic dwarf-nabob can fuck right off back to the land of holy cow piss and take his ugly wife and shitty, parasitic family business with him.

    His roots in this country are shallower than watercress, and he’s steering this Ship of Fools directly into the Net Zero iceberg.


  4. I heard the preceding two minutes and Starkey pretty much accused the whole of government of not being grounded in our culture.
    Meanwhile thousands of Chinese and Americans will be on the Mall tomorrow loving the colours, uniforms and the horses.

  5. The BBC tells me that “our culture” is essentially multi-racial, multi-ethnic, young, vibrant, pansexual, genderfluid, and at peace with itself. Pretty much the whole country now consists of young couples where the woman is that mixed-race big corkscrew hair perfect teeth snarly smile one who does all the ads for sofas and financial services; older families are a white woman with a mellow bearded black guy who have produced a couple of small versions of the snarly-smile one as per above. Oh, and there are chubby girls in Wales who live with two ginger blokes with wispy beards who both fuck her. And why not, you bigot!

    So no, Rishi hasn’t really got the hang of our culture yet. Early days.

  6. I like Starkey. He says what we all know to be true.
    Yes. And Gunga Din. He has about as much in common with most Brits as…Gunga Din. As I don’t have much in common with the dago next door. Doesn’t mean I’m or better or worse than him. But we have entirely different backgrounds & assumptions. I suspect Gunga’s broadly in favour of immigration. Why wouldn’t he be? I’m broadly in favour of my immigration. Because I mostly only see the advantages.

  7. I am unsure how Starkey defines “our culture”, but his remarks sound more Guardianista than racist. Rishi Sunak has become very successful and fairly rich through natural ability and hard work (that his wife is very rich is irrelevant except to Labour Party propagandists), so the Guardianistas are jealous; they hate him because he is living proof that it is possible for a member of an ethnic minority to reach the top (the second ethnic minority PM and, like Disraeli, a Conservative) puncturing their claims that the Right in general and Conservatives in particular are insitutionally racist.
    [“Welfare queens” were not part of the culture in which I grew up]

  8. @BiS
    But you’re happy to go with the dago culture, not try to turn it into a slightly shittier version of the one you grew up with.

    The young Ugandan family renting next door to us clearly want to live British lives, and if all immigrants were doing the same, I’d have no problem with them.

  9. I rather enjoy the differences, Chris. Why’d you think I came here? But then I’ve always been used to a diversity of cultures. Part of London I come from. A third of the kids in my class at school were Jewish. Second or third generation E. European. I really don’t have much in common with most Brits. But mostly I think I understand them. Although I’d need subtitles for Glaswegian.

  10. Oh, and there are chubby girls in Wales who live with two ginger blokes with wispy beards who both fuck her.

    There must be slightly different commercials in your region.

    Slightly O/T. The bbc would not have approved of my recent blood donor session which I referred to on Monday. It was a slow one taking nearly 2 hours from arrival to departure. I counted over 70 donors in that time, every one was hideously white.

  11. Starkey is wrong. British culture is now one of contemptuously hosing away our historic traditions and connections, and everybody is doing it. The liberal whites running the BBC are doing it. The white trash stabby youths terrorising their own communities are doing it. The economic idealists who want to concrete over the fucking countryside are doing it. Obviously all the immigrants and sons of immigrants are doing it. Rishi fits right in.

    Fuck knows what the future holds, but it doesn’t look nice and unfortunately we’re going to find out very soon.

  12. John Major once said that in 50 years’ time it would still be the country of ‘long shadows on county grounds, warm beer, invincible green suburbs, dog lovers and pools fillers and – as George Orwell said – old maids bicycling to holy communion through the morning mist.’ I guess we can chalk this down to another of Major’s missteps.

  13. I must learn to read properly.

    However, in my defence, the rest of your comment was as neat a summation of the vast majority of tv ads as one could wish for.

    Maybe the polyamorous gingers are still a year or two away.

  14. After reading Starkey’s comments about how wrong Baroness Spider’s invention of law on prorogations was, I started to wonder how many previous prorogations would have been overruled if her “found” rules were used to examine them. No one wanted to take a look. Since constitutional law is something I found really dull, I can understand but I suspect that most of them would have been overturned by the Supreme Court

  15. PJF – Fuck knows what the future holds, but it doesn’t look nice and unfortunately we’re going to find out very soon.

    There’s good news, if you know where to look. For example, from Guido:


    In general though, our situation is very bad and likely to get a lot worse, and it’s not currently realistically possible to vote our way out of it.

    So how robust is the architecture of the prison we find ourselves in?

    Not very. It’s a Ponzi scheme, run by fuckwits. We will never be able to afford Net Zero (we can’t even afford the welfare state), so that ship’s going to sink.

    20 years ago, the government, the police, the judiciary, the mass media and the monarchy were widely respected institutions.

    Now… not so much, eh? Not so much at all. These are weak, foolish, and unpopular people doing weak, foolish and unpopular things, in a system that’s drowning in debt and now struggling very badly to even deliver the basics.

  16. Steve

    There’s another festival along shortly I’m sure. Still – the Ukrainians go onto the offensive soon so I imagine that will sort out a lot of the issues.

  17. VP – there is still time for WW3, I don’t think we’ll get it tho. Mood music from the West is no longer optimistic or triumphal, it’s more about expectations management now.

    Zelensky will be retiring to spend more time with his money, assuming the Russians (or Ukrainians) don’t get him first.

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