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Easy solution here

Toxins hidden in plastics are the industry’s dirty secret – recycling is not the answer
Charlotte Lloyd

So, don’t recycle it – burn it.

12 thoughts on “Easy solution here”

  1. This is a particular hobby-horse of mine!

    Incineration is the true recycling of plastics. Hydrocarbons used as plastic bags (or whatever) and after use burnt to generate electricity….. instead of burning them straight away…

  2. I think you’ll find that the cost of the scrubbers in the chimneys will make burning plastic uneconomic.

  3. Only if you don’t burn it right, philip….

    That particular engineering ( and a couple others issues that are related ) has long been solved.
    Of course, it’s not British! engineering, so all the Islander Apparatchiks hate to admit it exists and is quite functional and efficient, and insist on re-inventing the wheel. Badly.

    Honestly… the greatest enemy of the UK is…. the UK..

  4. Bah humbug Grikath lad

    A bit of net curtain over the top of the chimney held on by knicker elastic is all we need here, I tell thee.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    No pint worrying about the technology when you won’t get planning permission no matter how good it is.

    The three fastest ways to fire up a politician to get behind local protests are to propose:

    Closing a local hospital, no matter how many people it’s killed.

    A fracking site.

    A waste disposal site.

  6. I do remember some old plastic bags that they’d designed to disintegrate in order to make it easier for Gaia to recycle them. Then of course they began to bitch that all this crumbly muck dumped in the bin was a dire menace in itself.

    I must go through my stock of them one of these days to see if there’s any left that I should chuck out. Pity I can’t just use the old incinerator to burn them.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    BiND – That’s a valiant start but by no means comprehensive. The Overton Window now means that aspirants to 10 Downing Street can be counted upon to support campaigns to:
    1) Establish young offender rehabilitation centres next to old folks’ homes;
    2) Put a bail hostel next to your favourite pub;
    3) Set up the Dylan Mulvaney Nike “nothing up top, not much down there” fitness centre in your town;
    4) Proselytize the message that Rishi is small and compact and Britain is not a small country if we all can agree never to sit down.

  8. “Experts” say that plastic bags will never disintegrate and will always stay around polluting the environment. Even though bags last only months under sunlight and only last a bit longer when buried in the ground.

    A recent property we bought was the home of a hoarder. Loads of plastic shopping bags stacked in a cupboard under the stairs. All of them pretty much fell apart as soon as you touched them. Had been there for 5-10 years.

  9. They stitch injured people together with plastic and their bodies don’t seem to find it at all toxic. They put plastic-sealed stuff into people to make their hearts work better and their bodies don’t seem to find it at all toxic. They put plastic balloons inside people’s tits and bums and only in a tiny percentage of cases do their bodies seem to find it toxic, and then there is usually a money-making motive involved. Practically everything we eat and drink these days comes out of a plastic container and our bodies don’t seem to find it more toxic than anything else that we normally consume, not even Brussels Sprouts. They have found little bits of plastic inside endangered seabirds and WWF seals which seem to be leading perfectly healthy lives nonetheless and in fact the roughage might be doing them good. Probably there are a few types of plastic in daily use that could be toxic. The other types of plastic are inert.

    I call BS.

  10. BiND,

    The answer to fracking is a decent wedge of the money. “we will give 10% of the tax as a cash payment, to every householder within X miles of the fracking site. For the first 5 years this will be at least $Y per household”. Not “commoonity projects”. Not vague promises. Good, hard, visible moolah.

    Sit back and watch the locals turn against the hippies, erect “fracking here now” placards etc.

    The Conservatives are either pro-hippy, or have no game. There’s a real opportunity for a proper political party and I still don’t know why it hasn’t happened. I suspect it’s that voters are more obsessed with stupid theatre.

  11. “we will give 10% of the tax as a cash payment, to every householder within X miles of the fracking site”

    I made a similar suggestion about proposals to turn a cow field near my house into a gravel quarry. Wouldn’t mind some cash, or 50 feet of extra garden. Why doesn’t this happen in practice?

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