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Ed is just so up with it, isn’t he?

Davey criticised supermarkets for raking in millions of pounds in profits while food inflation has soared. Large grocers have reported a drop in profits in recent weeks, but experts have said more could be done to help shoppers struggling with rising prices.

They’re profiteering as profits fall then……sigh.

8 thoughts on “Ed is just so up with it, isn’t he?”

  1. But it has been his green policies that have contributed massively to the increase in the price of virtually everything.

    And for those who tell us that wind is cheaper, Paul Homewood mentioned yesterday that we were paying £175MWh for offshore wind when the market price was £100MWh………

  2. They’re profiteering as profits fall then…

    That’s not logically inconsistent; they could be profiteering but failing. It’s “the practice of making or seeking to make an excessive or unfair profit”. You can be a marathon runner and never complete a marathon.

    If they have been profiteering but failing, they’re going to have to do something to bring the customers back.
    The most obvious thing being . . .

  3. You missed out the bit on Today this morning where he suggested imposing windfall taxes on supermarkets.

  4. Also, I wonder why we don’t hear him or any other politician moaning that as the government have benefitted hugely from the increased VAT take due to these higher prices in the last two years they should, perhaps, give some back…….or better yet, take less?

  5. Near me we’ve had another two shops go bust because they can’t sell enough at a price high enough to pay their spiralling costs.

  6. Thank you Addolff. I truly love that idea of the government taking less. I’m holding my breath waiting for it!!! Well, not really.

  7. On my local high street three shops have closed in the last week. Two are to be replaced by new lessees. The local council have declined permission for a change of use to residential for a shop that has seen 6 failed businesses in the last 10 years.

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