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Forgive me but I think this is glorious

My wife has got to asking me for my “bucket list” when planning holidays so this weve been to Stornoway which I missed going to in 1952

No, not to make fun of. Not at all. No, really.

Well, OK, a bit.

But really, not really.

John is a fun and valued member of the crowd here, so fun making, no. But who would put Stornoway on their bucket list? And that’s one of the points around here. Human desires are varied. That’s why market systems work, planned ones don’t. Because the planners do not, cannot, take account of the variability of human desires.

Now me, last time I had a few hour of realkly free time I did Twerton Pomenade. Folk are weird…..

13 thoughts on “Forgive me but I think this is glorious”

  1. I’m quite glad i went to Italy and saw, experienced a load of stuff that wasn’t on my bucket list but definitely would have been if I’d known about it. The pleasure of travel, in my book, is for the potential for cool experiences, but too much expectation can easily lead to dissatisfaction.
    One item on my official ™ bucket list is going on a distillery tour in the highlands. I’m simultaneously aware that i could achieve similar results by a scenic 20 mile drive to a pub, having a dram or two and then going home. Heretoforth i have done neither. Revealed preferences i guess.

  2. You’re reminding me of the last time I took my late father to Perth. My brother drove him and myself up to see the Gravity Research Centre.

  3. Boganboy, that’s probably the best known feature in Australia for those of us that haven’t been there, thanks to YouTube

  4. Friend of mine has family in Stornoway. What I hear of the place makes Father Ted look like a documentary.

  5. Q: But who would put Stornoway on their bucket list?
    A: Someone who missed it first time around.
    [I’ve been to Edinburgh and london, New York and Washington, Paris, Rome and more than a dozen other European capitals, I’ve climbed Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Sca Fell Pike …, but I hadn’t been to the Outer Hebrides]
    Also, of course, I’m different.

  6. A selfie by the Andy Capp statue, on Hartlepool headland, should be on everyone’s bucket list.

  7. Fortunately I’ve been to Moscow as well as a number of other Russian cities several times, St Petersburg (well Leningrad at the time) and Kyiv (Kiev) once each too. I don’t expect to go back to any of them. I’d be pissed off if I’d missed them.

  8. I’ve never visited the Outer Hebrides.

    “Miles and miles of bugger all” says a friend. Though I think that’s the interior of Lewis and Harris: there are some fine beaches, I understand. And the machair.

  9. I only came across this expression recently when someone asked me if something was on my “bucket list”. What a curious term. I tend to associate buckets with unpleasant things, like rain & shit. It’s also redolent of people with their heads jammed firmly up their own arses. Sure one may aspire to do things & go places. But if that doesn’t change as you build daily experience you must have a sad little life & keeping a list would prove it. You show people it & what you’ve ticked off? Fuck!
    I recited the very brief list of European countries I haven’t visited at one time or another to someone recently, to abbreviate a tedious conversation. Of the ones not on it, I can’t say I particularly wanted to go to or cross any of them. But there must have been reasons at the time. I feel the same about “sightseeing”. The photos are generally better because you don’t have the bloody sightseers spoiling them.

    “Twerton Pomenade” Is this some sort of lengthy & precarious hair treatment?

  10. I was going to make a bucket list. But then I thought, how many buckets do I really need?

    @dearieme – try Barra, very nice scenery and flights to the island land on the beach, for an additional interesting experience. While there recently I shared a taxi with a proud local who had much the same opinion of Lewis as your friend.

  11. BIS,

    “Sure one may aspire to do things & go places. But if that doesn’t change as you build daily experience you must have a sad little life & keeping a list would prove it. You show people it & what you’ve ticked off? Fuck!”

    Travel really is one of the dullest, overrated things as far as I’m concerned. Like sure, if you’ve got a real interest in a thing, go and see it. But so much of it is just a tick box list of known famous stuff showing no imagination. People turning up just to take some photos to show their friends.

    Like I just don’t believe these people who say that “Brussels/Amsterdam/Copenhagen” were great. They’re not terrible places, but they’re not worth a trip. You might as well go to some place 60 miles from where you live.

    Most of my sightseeing is just visiting places near where I’m on holiday. 2 weeks lounging around on the Atlantic coast, but my wife suggests going to see an abandoned citadel half an hour away, and why not? And it’s often a big pile of nothing, but it’s fun to find out.

  12. A bucket list is the the same as a wishlist, is it. So a place or action can be on one’s bucket list but not on one’s wishlist.

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