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Fun what being conservative means these days

DeSantis, who is expected to announce a presidential campaign in the coming weeks, has driven a hardline conservative agenda as he seeks to bolster support of Republican primary voters ahead of his White House run.

The state’s Legislative session, scheduled to end this week, has been dominated by divisive cultural issues, with Republican allies of DeSantis approving his priority bills on sexual orientation, gender identity, race and education that are expected to aid the governor in his presidential bid.

The Senate on Wednesday voted to expand the law critics call “Don’t Say Gay,” a major calling card of DeSantis, with a sweeping bill that prevents school staffers or students from being required to refer to people by pronouns that don’t correspond to the person’s biological sex.

Note what the bill says, only that you cannot be required to call someone Xe.

That’s hardline conservative

6 thoughts on “Fun what being conservative means these days”

  1. Note what the bill says, only that you cannot be required to call someone Xe.

    Do you mean that there was a law requiring us to call someone Xe and it’s now being repealed? How did it ever pass in the first place?

  2. The bill says that students (and others) cannot be required to call a student who was born male “she” or a student who was born female “he”.

  3. The problem was that it wasn’t laws that were being enforced to require calling people by their preferred pronouns (including “Xe”), rather it was university and corporate bylaws that were.

    By instituting actual legislation, these university and corporate bylaws can, in effect, be ignored.

    That’s a good thing. The bad thing is that DeSantis had to do this in the first place.

  4. Conservatism gets called evil austerity for increasing spending slower than the socialists would like, planet destroying for reducing CO2 emissions gradually, and fascism for cutting disruptive protestors a lot of slack before making arrests.
    I can’t make sense of how conservatism is still successful, but istm their enemies hate the public so much they can’t be bothered to understand what grinds peoples gears.

  5. Guess who’d be 100% certain of getting my vote if I lived in Florida??

    I’d still be inclined to vote for Trump as president though.

  6. So his bill is you can’t be required to call someone something rather than you are barred from calling them something else. Yes, that is Conservatism as I recognise it and is as hardline as I ever want government to get.

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