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Good Oh! So climate change has negative feedback loops then

This isn’t the lesson they draw from it but it is what they say:

Wildfire smoke from Australia fueled three-year “super La Niña”

More wildfires in Oz produce more smoke which cools the Padific which produces the La Nina which cools.

Great, negative feedback!

We’re saved. Right?

15 thoughts on “Good Oh! So climate change has negative feedback loops then”

  1. Probably, the major deficiency in climate models is not taking account of the effects of particulates/aerosols. More generally, the eco-doomsters just don’t get homeostasis.

  2. People have taken to calling positive feedback loops “doom loops” which I rather like – though God knows what’s wrong with “vicious circles”.

    You could call a negative feedback loop a “virtuous circle” but how about something more colourful, chaps? Preferably involving lions.

  3. The efforts of the colonialists to prevent the aboriginals from continuing their regular burn-off regimes has significantly lowered aerosol concentrations and exacerbated climate change…

  4. Come Steve. The abos stopped burning off well over a century ago.

    I’d argue that climate change was caused by the wicked Greens stopping the burning of good old coal with all that gooder older smoke.

    It was noble Britain, with its wonderful coal mines, that ended the Medieval Warm Period. We should go straight back to the London peasoupers, while we all shiver in gratitude.

  5. “The impacts of the La Niña rippled around the world, intensifying drought and famine in Eastern Africa ”
    I might have to read the paper to understand that because it doesn’t make sense as written. How can you intensify a quantum of nothing – more of no food is still the same as no food, more of no rain is still no rain.
    Did they mean ‘extending’ or are the researchers obligated to remind us the world is going to the schit

  6. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that the climate is a stable system with return to steady state feedbacks.
    If it wasn’t we’d be on a Venus or Mars like planet. Boiling or freezing.
    But we aren’t, despite some potentially catastrophic inputs in the past, such as massive asteroid impacts, huge volcanic eruptions and mind bogglingly big solar flares.

    Interestingly for thos who say CO2 is going to boil us all.
    Mars has 95% CO2, yet is freezing. Seems there may some other, more important inputs to consider such as, maybe, the Sun…

  7. @dearie me
    Fruity loops? Probably a bit too ambiguous to qualify as a virtuous circle.
    Aspiring spiral? Too recherche
    Trip flip? Overturnover? Plusback?
    Lemme think-

  8. I thought we were looking at an impending super El Nino. That was the story last week at any rate.

    Article in the online Telegraph about how water is rising around the Solomon Islands. I gave up after a few paras. Has it occurred to these idiots that many of the islands of the Pacific are in fact sinking ?

  9. Also, see: “US NOAA study connects less air pollution and more storms.” The greens are going to wipe us out with violent storms.

  10. Chernyy

    Yeah, the thing’s self stabilizing within a certain domain.

    It’s also almost certainly a non-linear set of nested, overlapping, control loops.

    But no such system is ‘waterproof’ – you can drive it too far, and then a different Buch of control loops take effect. That is, it’s probably a phase-change climate; stable as long as you stay in this (pretty broad!) domain.

    But it can go boom and have us all die.

    However, there’s more than plenty evidence that whatever is/was driving temperatures up, a degree or two delta from current (or 1800, or 850AD levels) his nowhere near sufficient to wreak such havoc. Because larger excursions have happened.

  11. One of the two main theories of atol island formation is that their natural process is to sink, so yes, most islands in the Pacific are sinking. Blame physics.

  12. The interesting thing is how we are supposed to trust the models but completely ignore history

    To which those models are allegedly backtuned to validate them

    Facts are irrelevant, we are supposed to feel threatened so we are compliant with their politics

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