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Labor experts say the law is an attack on the growing labor movement—and just one of a string of recent attempts to make it more difficult for pubic workers to join or maintain their unions.

10 thoughts on “Great typo”

  1. Dennis, Gold Medalist In Unnecessary Snark

    If true, I’d be interested in reading the law.

    On second thought, doesn’t one usually join a union first, then become a pubic worker?

    Or have times changed?

  2. Labor movements happen in maternity wards, so pubic working might be what the author is going on about. Didn’t click the link, rarely do.

  3. So apparently not having employer sourced automatic union fee payment is a giant threat to the unions?

    Clearly they’re weaker than we feared.

    This is good.

  4. Remember when “labor” meant “people performing labour”? Not “chubby overeducated babysitters who want to talk to your children about gay sex for some reason”?

    Remember Space Hoppers?

  5. The title of the article is apposite as pubic workers often seek their forever homes in the teachers union.

  6. I think it was about fifty years ago, when I first became a serious pervert, that Playboy announced that they would no longer publish (pubish?) this kind of typo owing to an excessive avalanching flood of submissions.

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