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How grand!

Finance is ‘pale, male and stale’, says UK’s first transgender investment chief

So one of the big houses has taken the plunge, have they? Gosh, that is good.

The founder of Britain’s first transgender-led investment firm


Saône Capital
Where people, planet and profits intersect.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals Kelowna, BC 262 followers 9 employees

Nine people in Canada. Hm, suppose it helps with the PR at least.

14 thoughts on “How grand!”

  1. I don’t see how you can be properly diverse with only nine employees. There are 57 genders aren’t there? Maybe people have to identify as different genders on different days.

  2. Finance is “pale, male and stale” says a white man in a dress. Since being a cross-dresser or some other form of mentalist seems to be almost de rigeur these days, this chap seems to be everything he claims to loathe.

    Of course this is just clickbait from the Terriblegraph staff, who naturally turn the comments off.

  3. What would be a typical management fee?

    I’m trying to work out what x% of £10.5m divided by 9 employees comes to assuming no other overheads as they probably operate out of a field (where people and planet intersect).

  4. @ John
    It looks as if most of them have other jobs to pay their bills. If they only have £10.5m to manage it probably is only a part-time job.
    However the CEO is a CPA but *not* a CFA, so one wonders whether they are any good at investing that £10.5m.

  5. I didn’t get as far as seeing the AUM figures, which would seem to indicate a couple of hundred thousand in turnover. So a business about as significant as a modest provincial town shop? Well worth featuring in a national newspaper.

    And it is not clear why a Canadian investment manager who is thinking about setting up in Britain is the UK’s first anything…

  6. Of course this is just clickbait from the Terriblegraph staff, who naturally turn the comments off.
    I’ve noticed that the Torygraph turn the comments off on anything trans related these days. It’s almost as if they don’t want the subject discussed. I wonder why?

  7. I wonder why?

    “Actually Harry, when you think about it, it really isn’t surprising at all”.

    Albus Dumbledore

  8. Kelowna is in the interior, you think establishing a presence in metro Vancouver would come before international expansion. There’s about a 130,000 people in Kelowna so 9 people may make it a major employer

  9. I’ve been to Kelowna. It’s a small town. Has a big winery. But most of the town is supporting the farms in the area.

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