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Note, if true:

Dozens of families who have been waiting for social housing for several years, sometimes even decades, are set to take legal action against a London council, accusing it of corruption and racism.

The families, all of whom are Somali, claim they have been systemically removed from housing waiting lists by Tower Hamlets council due to their race, and some have been placed in severely unfit and unsafe homes that doctors say posed a major risk to their health.

Tower Hamlets is effectively run by Bengalis.

The Observer also heard multiple claims of families being asked to pay money to move up the waiting list either by council officials or strangers who identified themselves as housing officers or being linked to the council.

Oh aye?

24 thoughts on “If true”

  1. None of this would be happening if we hadn’t let in the FIRST Somali all those years ago (E.T. the Extraterrestrial)

  2. Well, yes Steve. Clearly the government should halt all immigration until the housing crisis is solved.

  3. There’s nothing unusual about this. Hasn’t been for years.That’s how I got my hands on a housing association flat. Very useful it was. Little financial lubrication in the right places. And the route was indeed through one of the effnik minority communities. Somebody had to get bumped down the housing list so I could appear at the top, didn’t they? Although as Mr Galt suggests, they may well have been white.
    There is nothing remotely democratic about “community leaders’. They’re fiefdoms wielding considerable influence. Somalis need to get themselves dug in in one of the boroughs. Thought they’d done so in Enfield. There’s enough of them there. Even Yardies give Enfield a wide berth.
    Had to go to the housing association office once. Counter with a big open plan office behind it. Sea of brown faces. But I suspect public housing has always been corrupt, whoever’s running it. People on quite modest salaries controlling millions of quid’s worth of desirable assets. Just join the dots.

  4. FFS. And is anyone able to discern the meaning of this race grifter’s last sentence?

    “Bridgerton actress Adjoa Andoh left her ITV co-stars stunned yesterday when she referred to the Buckingham Palace balcony as being ‘terribly white’ during their live Coronation coverage.

    The star, whose father was of Ghanaian origin, was commentating for the network on their programme hosted by Tom Bradby and Julie Etchingham when she said of the event: ‘We have gone from the rich diversity of the Abbey to a terribly white balcony.

    ‘I am very struck by that.

    ‘I am also looking at those younger generations and thinking: “What are the nuances that they will inhabit when they grow?”

  5. Yeah. I wonder what a big public ceremony in Ghana looks like? A nuanced testament to the rich diversity of Ghanaian culture?

  6. BraveFart – must have been jarring for her to see a bunch of people coming together for a celebration without it turning to looting.

  7. Members of a single family overwhelmingly look more like each other then the general population*, shock horror.

    *Or even a cherry-picked 15% of the general population.

  8. Well it keeps the Somalis out philip. So I’d say the Bengalis at least think it’s run effectively.

  9. ’In one case, a family of six with a three-year-old child who has had to have multiple open heart surgeries to help address a severe heart defect was left living in a cramped two bedroom flat.’

    I guess when the increased child count blackmail fails to work, the next thing to do is cry racism.

    Oh, and /applause for Boganboy!

  10. Sounds entirely convincing. Why would one group of third world moochers want to be challenged by another? I bet that 99% of the Bengalis in the Tower Hamlets public sector are related.

    You’s have to be Somalian to want to live there these days.

  11. London – third-world city with a third-world mayor.

    Poor Adjoa Andoh, it must’ve shocked her to see that many white people still in London!

  12. A million years ago a friend of mine spent her university long vacation working in the housing office of her local council. She was horrified. If some poor drab wanted a bigger council house she had to go to bed with Councillor Murphy.

    I helpfully explained that that’s why it’s called socialism.

  13. If you’re living in a “cramped two-bed flat”, why the hell are you having four children?

  14. If Adjoa Anjoh had bothered to watch coverage of Her Majesty’s funeral procession last year she’d have seen another sea of hideously white faces – the crowd.

    The hand-picked family coincidentally interviewed by the bbc was certainly not representative of the overwhelming majority of mourners.

  15. So you have come from Somalia, and unfortunately you can’t get anywhere decent to live?

    Allow me to suggest a solution to your problems which is both radical and elegantly simple…

  16. Recall quite a few years back when there was a growth in the Somali immigrants where I lived, the rich cultural diversity they seemed to bring lead to an increase in violence in the area and according to a story about racism at the time prostitutes implementing a no black men policy

  17. Being an actress maybe she was having a dig about the latest actress to snag a royal gig not being there and like most actresses jealously reflecting that she should have gotten the role instead of Megan

  18. Somalis need to get themselves dug in in one of the boroughs. Thought they’d done so in Enfield. There’s enough of them there. Even Yardies give Enfield a wide berth.

    Even Albanians won’t go up against Somalis.

  19. Somalis are not despised nearly as much in other countries e.g. USA.
    Sure, they are looked down a little as they are low income, but they’re not regarded as wrong’uns.
    Because their visas are stamped NRTPF.
    There must be something about the UK welfare system which attracts the worst ones to here.
    Just sayin’. It can’t be them, it must be us by which I mean our system.

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