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It’s a werid, weird, demand

Pension reform should be all about improving the flow of funds to the government, not companies

As opposed to, umm, financing pensions?

9 thoughts on “It’s a werid, weird, demand”

  1. In Spudland, everything is about increasing the flow of funds to the government. Cos the state is benign, infallible and is the only entity that might employ Spud.

  2. What Jimmers said.
    If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
    And Spud’s hammer is “Mo money fo government.”

  3. And Richard has put a post up at Conti. Julia still blogrolls to it. Revival? Mistake? Re-purposing?

  4. Is that “We Should Pay Medical Personnel For Each Procedure They Perform”? I know for certain my dentist gets paid by the NHS for each procedure he performs. You may have an argument about *what* they payments should be. A three-appointment root canal is the same charge as a single-visit extraction, for example. And my ENT surgeon does “special deals” where he’ll do a full day in the surgery conveyor-belting patients through as he gets paid per procedure, and booking the theatre for a full day for a dozen patients nets him more than booking the theatre and staff twelve times.

  5. Is the tuber on a pension? He makes no sense (nonsense).

    His brain-fart ‘output’ makes monkeys typing Shakespeare more likely than accuracy from his overused and under-intelligent keyboard hammerings.

    The only memorable thing Cameron ever said was, ‘Too many tweets make a twat’. In Murphy’s case, ‘Too many posts make it obvious this idiot knows nothing at all). Cretin

  6. He’s 65 but is still “working”, in receipt of lucrative grants, consultancy fees and academic positions, and I see today he is demanding funding from the ICAEW, as well as appealing for donations on his blog. His own pension provision must be a total disaster!

  7. improving the flow of funds to the government,
    I though government just needed to create money. Or was that yesterday?

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