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It’s an interesting idea

Second, it means that we have to take practical steps to prevent hate getting into power. At present that means that we most definitely have to support proportional representation.

Third, when there is real difference we need to respect it. When the capacity for compromise has ended (and most of life is built on that capacity) then it is time to say that there is disagreement, and to respect that right to differ and to uphold those who do, because that is key to democracy. In other words, disagreement must not be hateful.

We must have a democracy which does not allow the other lot to gain power, whatever the will of the demos.


14 thoughts on “It’s an interesting idea”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    As Matt Goodwin keeps pointing out, we’re the only big country in Europe that doesn’t have a strong populist party, left or right, either in government of knocking on the door.

    Those parties are a symptom of, and a response to, twats like him who think they have a divine right to govern and have their policies implemented and anyone who disagrees if a fascist. The Greens are the worst, they’ve just declared that although they lost a large part of their vote in the Bremen state elections their policies should still be implemented because they are too urgent to be left to the electorate.

    Lions and rapid rabid porcupines for the lot of them.

  2. I definitely agree BiND!! See how I also agree that it’s the other lot that are the wicked haters.

  3. Hate already is in power, in the US at least. The left – projection all the way down and the thing with PR is that the lunatic fringe get the balance of power and the people get shafted.

  4. Revealed preferences at work again. Despite his call to respect different opinions, he does seem very swift to ban people with different views

  5. The Meissen Bison

    When Capt Potato shares the view of a minority, he and his opinion deserve respect whereas when his opinion is shared by the majority, all other views are hateful.

    Of course he has yet to meet someone he couldn’t disagree with.

  6. I’m willing to have PR given a chance – I suspect the Reform party would get many more seats than the Watermelons. It’s time for Labour and Tory to be demolished and replaced.

    Besides, it’ll be interesting – and with any luck Parliament will be so gummed up it will effectively cease to function, which will be a blessing to us all.

  7. Far from ceasing to function the inevitable lab/lib/green/(SNP?) coalition will only differ in how quickly and completely they shaft the country. One thing they won’t do is sit on their hands.

    It’s the same over the pond where, as so many have observed, Democrats are always in power but Republicans are only ever in office. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid may have been hideous people but they were highly efficient politicians, particularly when compared to every senior Republican since Newt Gingrich.

  8. Rowdy said:
    “I’m willing to have PR given a chance”

    Aye, but proper PR, not that nonsense we were given a referendum on last time, which seemed designed just to give the LimpDims more seats. Something where insurgent/minority parties get seats, not where left-centrists get permanent power.

  9. Dennis, Noting The Bright Light Emanating From Ely

    In other words, disagreement must not be hateful.

    So says the twat that bans anyone who disagrees with him.

  10. Sure let’s give PR a try. Gave Italy a government by a re-gig of Mussolini’s fascists. What’s not to like? I’m genuinely in favour. Some far right parties win seats under PR, demonstrate they’re competent politicians with attractive policies, they might break up the moribund 2½ party system. Few years time with safe majorities, the one-way helicopter flights could start. I’m sure we could draw up an inaugural passenger list.

  11. It’s almost reassuring to see him channel his inner Alf Garnett: (“If We Want A Democracy We’ve Got To Start Shooting A Few People“).

  12. BiS:

    The British Establishment would never permit any party that was genuinely right wing, let alone ‘far-right’, to exist. So there’s that.

  13. When I was doing my electrical engineering course in 1993! we were discussing the over-the-pavement problems of electric vehicle charging, and that something had to be done to ensure there was some safe system before electric cars could become viable.

    Yeah Glod, that’s 30 years ago. Who made it go so fast?

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