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Lionel Messi in talks over £320m-a-year Saudi Arabia move

That’s one way to recycle the oil money I guess. A 3 year contract to be a (almost) billionaire.

Isn’t it so wondrously Marxist. The labourer gainst the full value of his work.

8 thoughts on “Jeepers”

  1. I don’t get it. Whats in it for the Arabs? They pay all this money for a faded ex-superstar, who is going through the motions for the money. If they want the best why not offer such money to people like Mbappe and Haaland? Or would those not come for even £1bn/yr?

  2. Jim – bragging rights, I suppose.

    When you have Arab oil sheikh money, impressing your friends must be a bitch. Having an extension put in, with your own personal bar in the man-cave, is not going to make Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud think you’re cool.

    So, expensive toys and entertainment.

    The greats won’t go for any price, because Saudi Arabia is a backwater retirement league for players wanting to top up their pension pot.

    It’s also probably a lot more fun to be a young multimillionaire celebrity in London or Berlin than in Riyadh. Not exactly a clubbing Mecca, is it?

    It’s more of a stoning Mecca.

  3. Bloke In Scotland

    What’s worse is the number of fans that are in favour of wage caps rather than lauding it as a meritocracy where the workers gain the spoils.

  4. BiS – Football was better with the 3 foreigner rule, and also when the England team didn’t look like a Current Year advert for tattoos and dogging.

  5. Bloke in Scotland

    @Steve it may be that the vast number of tats make the players harder to see and thus gives them some sort of advantage. I watched some S. American football recently it it was like 22 football kits inhabited by graphical glitches running (ok diving mostly) around the pitch.

  6. I always regard tats on men as a sign of lack of self confidence*. Why else would someone go through all that for the benefit of those looking at them? Why would they care? Far as I’m concerned, heavily tattooed geezer equals tosser. Tats on women? Can be decorative done well. But women strive to be decorative & their lack of self confidence in being so is apparently inherent.

    *Yeah. And something I’ve learned in life is how the least obvious people lack self confidence. Which then explains so much of their behaviour.

  7. A team level wage cap which is linked to league revenue can be a good method of making sure clubs aren’t going bust all the time and require billionaire backers to survive. As it’s a share of revenue hard to argue it isn’t equitable and individual players can still negotiate their slice of the pie.

  8. Yeah, the moment we hear of a young African or South American taking the money they’re entitled to, our snobby European noses go up in the air and we pass pointless comments on tattoos or start to dream of legislating and regulating the money away from them and back to people who should have it.
    I suppose we’re entitled to our opinions, even if the opinions of Socialist ponces aren’t worth having.

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