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Jesu C on a pogo stick

she quotes the president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists who identifies some of those real risks: preterm labor or fetal loss, particularly with abdominal and pelvic surgeries, and disruptions to fetal development with procedures involving radiation. On the flip side, other risks, like that of anesthesia, are more conceptual, as there is a lack of evidence that anesthetic drugs are harmful to a developing pregnancy.

At many facilities, patients under 18 who have begun to menstruate are also tested — and because they’re minors, parents or guardians can consent on their behalf. Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, for instance, requires that “girls” be tested for pregnancy or risk the cancellation of procedures that require sedation. (The hospital does not specify how the policy is handled for minors who are trans or nonbinary.)

The test is on someone who may or may not be pregnant. For anyone who cannot be pregnant then there’s no need to test – whatever’s going on in their darling little heads.

One of those times when sex matters and gender doesn’t.

7 thoughts on “Jesu C on a pogo stick”

  1. Perhaps she should just call them people with uteruses.

    But I must confess I sympathise with those US hospitals that require a pregnancy test before surgery. One envisages a pack of lawyers descending on them like a flock of rabid vultures, claiming that such and such a child was crippled or killed by their carelessness.

  2. “In practice, some say these tests are not always given out of medical necessity, but because of protocol.”

    Which amounts exactly to what Boganboy says… That pack of feral ambulance chasers, and the understandable desire from the hospital and medical staff to keep their baying at bay…

    Also in all the quote- and numberslinging in the article: “A 2012 American Society of Anesthesiologists report found that 0.3-1.3% of preoperative pregnancy tests were positive for patients who didn’t know they were pregnant.”

    The article projects that as “a very low percentage of cases”.
    The merest bit of Napkin-fu translates that as enough potential lawsuits** to clog the US legal system for a decade, even if it wasn’t clogged to hell already.
    With the absolute certainty of the same Journalistic harpies rallying the Troops for mandatory pregnancy screening for just about everything “To Protect Women and Their Unborn Children”.

    But seriously.. They are dismissing a statistical occurrence roughly as high as Being Gay for males as “insignificant”…

    **The base pool the shysters are fishing in would be between 25.000 and 85.000 potential cases/year, based on 2018 US pregnancy estimates.
    Even if only 10% of that actually materialises… ohboi….

  3. @dearime – Shocking! I thought the term “gender dysphoria” would have been outlawed by now as offensive to, sorry, violence towards the wibblegender community.

  4. Do they call them wibblegender now MC?

    Damn!!! Yet another new word to try and remember!!

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