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Children as young as 12 can consent to trans-affirming medical interventions, Scotland’s social care watchdog has told bodies responsible for looking after the country’s most vulnerable young people.

No, they can’t. The reason folk that young aren’t allowed to fuck is because they don’t know what sex is.

Where’s that roll of piano wire gone?

7 thoughts on “Lampposts”

  1. responsible for looking after the country’s most vulnerable young people

    As Rolf used to ask us kids at home: “can you see what it is yet?”

  2. Piano wire?
    Too painless.

    Razor wire would be preferable.
    A noose would be a challenge, might have to strip the razor bits off it all except the noosey bit.

  3. Being a traditionalist, I still like Crassus’s crucifixions. I feel that having the corpses lining the roads might actually discourage some of the drongos.

  4. . . . because they don’t know what sex is.

    Not really. Most 12 year olds will know what sex is, what booze is, what drugs are, that guns can be pointed and fired, etc. What they’re not fully aware of are all the risks and consequences of those activities, such that they cannot make an informed consent to engage nor be responsible for their actions. That’s why we don’t permit them to engage or others to engage with them.

    So piano wire is inappropriate. Pits with flame throwers recommended but an old fashioned broken bottle in the neck can suffice.

  5. Yes they can, in certain circumstances, it’s called Gillick Competence, a legal principle recently upheld by the Court of Appeal on this very issue, reaffirmed by the Supreme Court who refused any further appeal.

    Those who disagree may wish the judgement to go away, but those issuing guidance cannot.

    You may not approve but it’s the law of the land.‘gillick-competence-in

  6. Gillick Competence requires a thorough and deep explanation of the consequences of the action. Which of course is now barred as that’s conversion therapy…..

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