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Lordy be, he can’t even get this right

The issue around Johnson’s partying is not about his guilt. It is about whether democracy will be upheld.

No, it’s not, really, it’s not.

The issue is that in the face of civil servants and lawyers undertaking their responsibilities as laid down in the law and in the procedures of a functioning democratic government, a newspaper that was once thought to be the representative voice of boring middle England is suggesting that the whole process of democratic government be overthrown because that compliance with the law and due process is seen as a left-wing threat to its chosen far-right agenda.

Assume that’s true. No, go on, assume it isn’t true. It’s still not about democracy. It’s about the rule of law.

The two are quite distinct things.

8 thoughts on “Lordy be, he can’t even get this right”

  1. I’m sure Murph feels equally horrified by wicked Obama buying a property that Holy Mother Gaia intends to rightfully flood as the horrid CO2 raises the temperature to roast us all.

  2. This is my favourite comment from the entire, quite bizarre piece.

    In an era, when social media is so powerful and ideas can, as a consequence, be so polarised the required response to this is to promote ideas that necessarily demonstrate the benefits of democracy.
    So approval of Brexit, rejection of militant Trans campaigners molesting children, greater restrictions on immigration? That type of democracy?

    Those ideas, would, as a consequence, promote the positive role of government.
    Why would democracy promote a positive role for government? I thought this guy was a ‘Professor of political economy..

    They would relate to equality.
    I don’t think a majority of people are in favour of equality – and the key phrase is ‘equality of what’?

    They would promote the interests of the majority.
    So significant restrictions on migration, the successful completion of Brexit and restrictions on militant Trans are all on the table?

    They would highlight the need to prevent market abuses that are so commonly associated with right-wing political thinking.
    Unlike Left wing thinking which legalizes theft of assets and their seizure as a matter of course

    They would seek to calm excess.
    By blocking 20,000 people on Twitter and calling anyone opposed to him a ‘fascist’

    They would promote long-term thinking.
    If by contradicting yourself in the same post you’re producing ‘long term’ thinking then he’s on track.

    The focus would be on community
    So long as the community agrees with him

  3. Why on earth is the COVID enquiry fannying about with who did or didn’t break the rules? I thought their remit was to look at the whole COVID response to see whether it was the right thing to do and suggest better ways for the next time. Silly me, it’s yet another exercise in blame-swerving and the Boris thing is pure Stalin unperson stuff.

  4. I couldn’t bother to go read the spud, but from Van_P’s excerpts… has no one ever taught the twit how to use (and particularly, NOT use) a comma?

  5. Seems like just like Trump they are concerned about Boris coming back and are determined to make sure there is no hope of it, we really have degenerated into banana republic levels

  6. And Johnson is the only politician anybody is going after for violating their own covid rules. Sanna Marin went clubbing after finding out she was a close contact? Crickets. Israeli PM Bennett tells Israelis not to holiday abroad because they might bring back covid, but sends his own family to Cyprus? Again not a word.

  7. Johnson should be tried because of rule of law, the jury should nullify his guilt because the laws are stupid, and then he should be punished by the mob for his part in making the stupid laws.

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